Hot People for Valentien’s day/ spring training.

14 02 2008

Kizz has her hot people, Mrs. G has her secret boyfriends. I decided to join in and post some women who I think are hot and who, if they were my girlfriends, I would not keep it a secret.


Angie Harmon. She is married to the ex football player Jason Sehorn. He’s got nothing on me. She was on Law and Order which I would sometimes watch just for her.


Emily Procter. I loved her on The West Wing, now she is on CSI Miami. She was one tough nut on both shows. Hot, hot, hot.


Portia De Rossi. She was on Ally Mc Beal. I loved that show too. She actually was my girlfriend. I dumped her because she is to tall for me. That’s why a google search will reveal no photos of us. I wouldn’t allow it. Ellen apparently doesn’t have the same height issues as I do. They seem pretty happy together and I’m glad because Portia is really nice and Ellen deserves that after her last nut job girlfriend..


Sarah Shahi. She was on the L Word. She was dating Shane who is such a dumb whore. Shane cheated on her and she took off. I was so sad she was off the show. In real life she said that she “dabbled” in women. Obviously she didn’t dabble with me or she would be a card carrying member*.


Lauren Graham. I used to love her until I saw her on Ellen. She did not stop talking. I don’t think Ellen even got to ask her a question. She made my head spin and I had to shut off the tv. Shut up already!

 All these ladies have something in common besides their hotness. Care to take a guess?

 On to baseball. Pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers today! Life is good! The first spring training game is in 14 days. I can’t wait. Did I mention I love baseball? In keeping with the hot people theme of the day, here are some hot Sox guys. I have to say that we have probably the ugliest team in baseball. At least their bats are hot which is all I really care about.


 Tito is kinda cute with his bald head, Theo is cute because he is such a genius.


My friend Boss thinks Beckett is hot. From this picture it looks like he ate junk food for the entire off season.


 This one is for Chili, Mike is her favorite. He’s alright I guess. Last but not least…

tina.jpg  Tina! Ok, she doesn’t technically play for the Sox but she does do some interviews and stuff. Come on, you know I had to end with a chick! I took this photo at the rally after we won the world series. She was trying to call me. She was looking all over for me but she just didn’t see me. I was to busy taking her picture to realize my pocket was ringing.. Oh well.

*We don’t really get ID cards.

Photo Credit: Angie, Emily, Portia, Sarah, Lauren, Theo and Tito, Josh, Mike




12 responses

14 02 2008

Mike IS my favorite! Thanks for that.

Um…. I can’t figure out what the hot chick connection is, unless it’s that you’ve lusted after each of them.

If I played for your team, I’d be after Kate Walsh. She’s gorgeous in a 1930’s movie star kind of way. I wouldn’t turn Halle Barry away, either…

Thanks for clarifying the card thing…

14 02 2008

Sorry Mrs. C! I don’t really lust after them anyway, just wanted to do something fun. Nice picture of Mike though, huh! I have no idea who Kate Walsh is. I’ll look her up now.

14 02 2008

Oh, DO look her up. No, wait; let me:

start here:

then go here:

finally, check this one out:

Yep; if I swung that way, I’d be drooling right now; Mama’s HOT!

14 02 2008
Laurie B

Ok, I’m not sure..

They all have long hair and have been on tv ( you need to quit watching TV so much)..go play golf and meet some really fine to speak.

And they wear lipstick? Or they are young and still have curves. Oh, maybe they are just high maintenance and want the heat higher than comfy fuzzy clothes require. Just don’t knoe. Clue me in, I’m old.

You are so right about Ellen though. I have only seen her show a few times but I would Tivo it if I knew how. She deserves a better thing than the old Miss Thang. Skanky, she was.

Hope you are feeling better.

14 02 2008

I was going to say they’re all tall but Shahi isn’t. (I LOVE Shane. Why you talkin’ smack about Shane?) Emily Proctor is super awesome. I wish she was on a better show, or at least a show without David Caruso on it.

I think you will approve of Kate Walsh. What about Sara Ramirez?

15 02 2008
Mrs. G.

I like Portia, but I LOVE Ellen. Even those of us with Secret Boyfriends have Secret Girlfriends. Susan Sarandon has been one of mine for 15 years. And Meryl Streep. You have excellent taste.

15 02 2008

Ok, I’ll tell what the connection is. I thought for sure Kizz would get it! They all have accents or interesting voices. My three favorite things about woman are hands, neck and voice. I am a sucker for a cute accent!!
Kizz, Shane is a dirt bag! She has cheated on every girlfriend she has ever had! How can you like her??
Mrs. G I would put Susan on my list!She has a wicked cute accent!

17 02 2008

Juliet Binoche and Audrey Tatou would be my secret girlfriend’s if I played for the other team. I think I must have something for French girls 🙂

23 06 2008
not a fan

ellen and de rossi eew thats gay

12 06 2011

Sex 2050 is very so hot

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