This Is How We Roll

21 05 2010

 TG and I are babysitting Little Boss this weekend. Little Boss came with toys. TG was familiar with one of them. Observe; Wait! Chili! Make sure you don’t have Ovaltine in your mouth when you watch! Okay, here goes;

 Sorry about my unsteady hand. I couldn’t stop laughing. And further testing shows that it will say the “C” word. Also, for the record, the kid was in bed fast asleep.




3 responses

22 05 2010
Mrs. Chili

Thanks for the warning. That is TOO funny!

22 05 2010
Laurie B

Haven’t tried it yet but have been told that can be forced to say similar things.

Good for you both, at least the tike was asleep and alphie has no memory card.

5 01 2012
Jordan Alsopp z

Russell has developed a particular style as a storyteller and I was glad to see that he did not abandon this with The Fighter.

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