More Snow

27 03 2008

 Yeserday it was nearly 60 degrees out. I had the window down in the car. My hair was blowing all over the place and making me crazy. I have been growing it out since November. It grows really fast. I decided it was time to cut it off again. I was going to wait but I had some time this evening so I made the appointment. It’s not as short as it used to be but it’s short enough so it won’t blow around. Oh, and I don’t have to blow dry it anymore!


 After seeeing our weather for tomorrow, I am thinking I should have waited a bit longer. All that hair kept my head warm.


Ten Things Tuesday

25 03 2008

A play by play!

1. Currently it is 5:51 am. I am in my Pj’s drinking coffee.

2. #1 is important to note because I am also watching baseball! The Sox are playing the A’s in Japan. Game time 10 minuets!!! I am in my glory!

3. They are having sound problems. Lot’s of people talking at once..

4. Opening ceremonies were cool. The young Japanese men did a great job with the National Anthem.

5. The dome they are playing in reminds me of the Metro Dome. I wonder how many routine fly balls will be dropped..

6. Ugh. Dice K just gave up a solo home run.

7. A picture for you Mike fans!


8. I’m going to try and take the fastest shower in the world in between innings.

9. Dick K had a crappy first two innings but looked sharp after that. His pitch count was high, he came out… Ok, one of my clients just called. Me, ” This better be important, I’m watching baseball!” Her, “I know, I am too! I’m aggravated, that’s why I am calling.”(The score is currently 4-3 A’s) Me, ” It’s only the 7th, we will be fine! Have faith!” Her, “Ok, I’ll see you later.”  How cool is that! She called to talk about baseball! I thought maybe she was calling to confirm her appointment with me today. Hmmm, I guess maybe I am doing to much talking about baseball while at work..

10. It’s now 9:41. Bottom of the tenth, we have the lead. I have not showered yet… Pap is pitching. Hurry Pap, I gotta get to work. My client sent me a text that said “Ha! Told you ya we wud be fine!” after we tied it up… A’s score but get an out on some very bad base running. Ok, I can’t talk about this anymore I am stressed. Oh wait, we just won! Gotta run, have a great day!

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Another Picture of Mike Lowell!

19 03 2008

This is yet another reason why I love the Red Sox! From the Boston Globe;

Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell confirmed to the Globe that the team voted unanimously this morning not to make the scheduled trip to Japan or play its final spring training game against Toronto this afternoon unless the coaches, training staff, and equipment staff were going to be compensated for making the trip to Japan.”When we voted to go to Japan, that was not a unanimous vote,” said Lowell, “but we did what our team wanted us to do for Major League Baseball. They promised us the moon and the stars, and then when we committed, they started pulling back. It’s not just the coaches, it’s the staff, the trainers, a lot of people are affected by this.

“I’m so super proud of this team. When we put it to a vote it was unanimous, we’re all in agreement that we’re not going to put up with this.”

Not only that, but they threatened to boycott their game today if they didn’t get compensation for ALL of the staff that are making the trip. The game ended up being delayed an hour until a deal was reached. All the staff are getting an extra $40,000 to go to Japan. For some, it’s pocket change. For others, including some players, it’s more then they make in a year. Yes, it’s a lot of money to go to a foreign country that the rest of us may never be able to see because we don’t have that kind of money for vacations. Really though it’s about the principle of the thing. They were told when they agreed to this last fall that they ALL would be paid to go and when they were not getting what they were promised, the whole team rallied and stood up for what was right. I love this team!

See how I sucked you girls Mike fans in with today’s title?! Here you go!


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Twenty Things Tuesday

18 03 2008

 I missed Ten Things Tuesday last week, so here are twenty random things;

1. I have been super busy at work and coming home very tired. That’s why I have been MIA.

2. Went to the Doc yesterday to have some moles looked at. I have to go back on April 4th to have a few removed and sent out for biopsy. No big deal.

3. I go to the Endo today.

4. There seem to be lots of birthdays this time of year. Boss’s kid, Bean, MST, my BFF, SLM1 and SLM2’s boys all have birthdays within a month of each other.

5. I got a new phone. I was going to switch carriers but I didn’t like the phones and my current plan is cheaper so I renewed for 2 more years.

6. I came very close to getting an iphone. I decided to wait until the next version comes out and I also want to see how well I can take care of the new slider phone with the big screen. I tend to drop phones…

7. I am probably going to go to the super accelerated program at the super expensive college starting in November. It will take me about 4 years instead of the 6 or 8 it will take if I continue the way I am doing it now.

8. Did I mention it is super expensive? 300 – 400 dollars more PER CREDIT then I am paying now! Saving time will be worth it. I hope..

9. It’s almost time to take the fleece sheets off the bed!

10. Tim Wakefield, my favorite pitcher, gets his own catcher. He throws a knuckle-ball and it’s hard to catch. His catcher just got released and they are trying out a new guy. The tried this last year too and it didn’t work out so well and they jumped through hoops to get the old guy back. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself..

11. My office is moving. It is currently in a nice city. It is moving to a scary city in a scary part of town where the parking sucks. I am not happy.

12. My BFF is coming home from Brooklyn this weekend and I am excited to see her.

13. I don’t usually do anything for Easter but this year I am going to the SLM’s to eat with them. I am bringing mashed potatoes.

14. I installed more RAM on my computer. The first RAM I bought didn’t work. New RAM works great.

15. Still haven’t done my taxes…

16. The storm door is broken. I need to remove the whole thing and replace the frame that has rotted away. Waiting for warmer weather..

17. Boss’s baby has learned some new tricks. She can now roll from her belly to her back and just yesterday, she learned how to stick her tongue out. I wonder who taught her that? Really, this is a huge accomplishment because she was born 4 months early and weighed 1 pound 12 ounces. She is happy and healthy at 7 months (real age 3 months)!

18. I watched John Adams on HBO on Sunday and loved it. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

19. I have had no time for pleasure reading and this makes me feel sad. SLM1 sent me home with a book last week and I think it will take me a couple of months to get through it

20. I am really tired of people stopping at the end of the on ramps. It has been happening a lot lately. Really people, how do you expect to safely merge with traffic going 65 mph + from a dead stop?

Making A Stand

7 03 2008

 I got a response from the dj today. Here it is;

Hi Auntie,
   I received your letter a couple of days ago and wanted to take some time to really think over my response.  I take every comment, suggestion, compliment & complaint very seriously. I read them all and I answer them all!  You are directing your concern to the right person.  I started these dances about 6 years ago.  I rent the space & pay some of the staff that work for the events and as you know I am also the dj.  A lot of people don’t know how things work. Some think the bar owners throw them and hire me, but I hire them.
  First off, let me start by saying, I am not anti-male or opposed to partying with men.  I have a lot of male friends myself.  When I first started these dances in (insert New England state here) , we had a number of complaints from the women in attendace when a man stepped into the dance room.  They wanted their own space.  I was somewhat amused by it.  I couldn’t believe that it was that big of a deal.  I had to dissappoint some of the men that I was friends with in (insert small town here)  and tell them they couldn’t come in.  A lot of guys like my music too and were dissappointed.  So we had to set a policy that men were not allowed into the back room.  They could hang out in the lounge, but the back room would remain a rented space for women only.  With this policy in effect, the T-dances have tripled in their numbers!
  Over the years I have gotten e-mails or been approached by women on both sides of they issue.  There are some women who want to bring their ‘boys’ and there are women who praise me for not allowing them in.  Both sides have very valid points.  You have made a great point! If I were to only take your feelings into consideration, it would make perfect sense for me to allow men in.  However, for every one of you who want it, there are those that don’t.  For every one of you who says I won’t come back if I can’t bring my guy friend there are those that won’t come back, because I’ve allowed it. 
  What about all of those who don’t say anything?  You are asking me to take a huge risk.  I have worked very hard to build these dances to what they have become.  Besides the time spent djing, I spend hours at the computer sending out e-mails, myspace bulletins, printing flyers to promote the dances and time and money researching and downloading music. These dances have become something amazing!  I am so proud and grateful to be a part of something so successful!  To be a part of something that women enjoy the way they do.  I can’t even describe to you what it feels like to look out over a packed house and see all those smiles and hands up in the air and the feel the energy!  You are asking me to risk losing this.  What if I start letting women sponsored males in and the crowd starts to dwindle?  That packed house starts to slide, the energy changes and now even you don’t want to come because they aren’t what they used to be.
  Please understand that this Women’s T-dance is not gay men vs. gay women.  It is a women’s t-dance.  A space set aside for 4 hours twice a month for women, that’s all.  Just as there are gay women’s chorus’, gay men’s chorus’ and there are mixed chorus’ (just for example) and if you’re a singer you can chose which one to be a part of.  It is your choice to go to a club that has a mixed crowd.  If you chose not to come to these dances in the future because of this policy, I am very sorry to lose you, truly!  
  Last September I decided, because there were 2 dances scheduled, to do a ‘bring your boyfriend’ night.  I got mixed reviews, but felt it went well enough to do again when it happens that I have 2 scheduled in a month.  I know its a ways away, but that dance will be August 2nd in (insert small town here).  I hope you and you guy friend can make it.
DJ jodi

 I’ve got to tell you I was disappointed. To me, it feels like this is more about her profits than the good of the community. I dig that this is billed as a woman’s event. I don’t like that boys can’t go with their girl peeps.

 Some of my friends don’t agree with me. “This is a WOMAN’S dance!” they tell me. No kidding. So tell me friends, how many gay men do you think are really going to crash this party? Only the ones with lesbian peeps. The boys don’t typically start showing up at clubs until 11pm anyway. As for the straight ones with their wives or girlfriends who are looking for a third to join them in bed, you can spot them from a mile away. Kick ’em out if they start harassing the women.

 I replied to her email. There was more I wanted to say but I felt like it wouldn’t do much good. I went with short and to the point;

 Thank you for your response. I understand your position on this matter as well as the fact that this is part of your business, and therefore your livelihood. However, I feel I need to stand by my position.
 I have been discriminated against because of my sexuality. I was actually fired from a job because I am a lesbian. It does not feel good at all to be discriminated against nor does it feel good to be constantly waiting for the next form of discrimination to show up. Having said that, I can’t, in good conscience, take part in any form of discrimination.
 I feel that for change to happen, the “me” and “I’s” in our language needs to be replaced with “we”,”us”, and “all” .   You said; “
However, for every one of you who want it, there are those that don’t.  For every one of you who says I won’t come back if I can’t bring my guy friend there are those that won’t come back, because I’ve allowed it….” WE are all in this together. For every one of US who stands up for equal rights for ALL, the closer WE get to a safer, more peaceful world for ALL.
 Thank you again for your response.

 I just can’t do it. Once again, I’m taking my ball and going home.

When Will We Learn

5 03 2008

I went to a Tea Dance with my peeps on Saturday. For those of you who don’t know what Tea is, allow me to explain. Tea dances are a gay/lesbian thing. Essentially, they are just an early dance. They usually start around 3 and end at 9. You go, you dance, drink and socialize. I like them because I can be home and in bed by 9:30. Some people see them as a “warm up” or a “pre-game” to the wild night life. I’m not so much down with the wild night life.

Anyway, there were 5 of us girls and 1 guy. Our guy peep was not allowed in because it is a “woman only dance”. I was pissed! This guy showed up with 5 chicks! He also is gay but I guess they had no way of knowing that. The following is a letter that I wrote to the D.J.

Dear Jodi,

I am writing to you because I have some concerns about the Tea Dances that you D.J. I am not sure who is responsible for hosting these events so I am writing this letter to you.

Last Saturday, March 1st, my friends and I went to the Tea at (insert local bar here). There were five women and one man in our party. To our dismay, our male friend was denied entry to the dance. We were told by the woman at the door that no men were allowed.

While I very much appreciate the fact that there is a screening process to the dance, I feel as though if a man is accompanied by a woman, he should be allowed in. I understand that the hosts of the Tea Dance want to provide the women who attend a safe and secure place where we can be ourselves and not have to worry about men whose intention is to pick up woman or gawk at them. I like that I don’t have to worry about my safety or deal with unwanted advances from men who are just looking for a hook-up.

My concern is that the tone set by not allowing woman’s male friends in to the dance. Isn’t there enough separation in the world? We have been fighting for years to pass homosexual marriage in to law. We have been fighting to get EQUAL rights for all. What does it say about the gay and lesbian population if we also require separation and different rules? The message that was sent to my friend on Saturday was “You are different so you are not allowed.” My friend happens to be a gay male. What happens if I want to bring a straight woman to the dance? What happens if I want to bring my sister to the dance? Are they going to be denied entry because of their sexual orientation? Is this dance going to turn in to “Lesbian only” one where we somehow have to prove our orientation?

I ask you; how on earth can we, as gay and lesbian people, ask to have equal rights when we are unwilling to afford those same rights to others? How can we ask that we not be discriminated against when we are willing to discriminate against people who are different then us? Our culture is one of “Us” versus “Them”. This culture is one that we have been fighting to change for years and years so that “WE” can have the same rights as “THEM.”  For things to change we need to be able to remove that attitude. We are all human and we all deserve the same rights. WE need to practice what we preach.

Again, I want to stress that I appreciate that the hosts of this event work hard to ensure the safety and security of the women who attend. However, I feel like no one should be denied entry if they are accompanied by a woman. In fact, I feel so strongly about this that if this policy remains in effect, I will no longer attend these events. I would rather make the drive to Boston or host my friends in my own home where EVERYONE feels welcome and accepted.

I respectfully ask that you forward this email to whoever is in charge of hosting these events. I truly hope that there will be a policy change soon. I have been attending Tea for years and enjoy them very much.

Thank you,


I think it is sad that, in the year 2008, I have to write this letter. Even more sad is the fact that it being written to a group of people who have been discriminated against for so long.

Do (and don’t do) unto others.

Ten Things Tuesday

4 03 2008

Spring is in the air! The birds are singing, the Sox are playing and me and the peeps have been making plans. Here are ten things I am planning for the summer.

1. A Sox game in Baltimore and a day in DC with Auntie Teacher and who ever else wants to go.

2. Alpine Zip Line for my birthday in July. My birthday is in May but the bugs up north are killer in May.

3. Camping. So far, two trips are in the works. One with Auntie Teacher which will include kayaking and one with SLM1, SLM2 and their twins in Vt which will include a trip to Ben and Jerry’s and a glass blowing place.

4. P-town, P-town, P-town!

5. Studying/hanging poolside.

6. LOTS of BBQ’s! Hungry? Come on over! I am a kick ass griller! I will probably be grilling most nights. Bring your bathing suit!

7. Gardening. I have a ton of ideas for the garden this year!

8. Fire Island. I had the BEST time there last year and I am really looking forward to going back.

9. Minor leauge baseball. The tickets are wicked cheap and the crowds are low key. Ideally I would like to take Punkin Pie and Bean. They don’t share my love of the game but there are fun kid things to do so I am hoping to convince them to join me.

10. More time with the family and the peeps. Several of my friends are teachers so they get the summer off. I have been saving my vacation days and hope to take most Mondays off from work. Since starting school (and working full time and being sick) it has been difficult to keep up with everyone. I am hoping summer will resolve this..