28 11 2009

Today me and The Girl got a ton of stuff done! First we did laundry. We do it at the mat so it gets done all at once. As much as I dislike having to lug it to the car and drive it over, I love getting it washed, dried, and folded in just over an hour.

From there, I drove it home and put it away while she went to the market. I loth the market. The people are rude. As a side note, most of the people I encountered during my black Friday adventures were very kind and well-behaved.  While waiting in the checkout line that zig-zagged through the entire store, the woman who was in front of the woman in front of me noticed that she (the woman in front of me) was holding a ton of stuff and offered to share her (the woman in front of the woman in front of me) cart. I commented to her (the woman in front of the woman in front of me) how awesome that was and it was a good display of the Christmas spirit. Anyway, The Girl went to the market and reported that there were no rude people.

While she was shopping, I organized the pantry to make room for the food she was buying. Do you need honey dijon mustered? We have plenty. If you need some, let me know and I’ll hook you up. I also pulled everything out of the livingroom closet. I decided to build a shelf. More on that later.

After we got the food put away, we went to the Old Navy to return our clothes that didn’t fit. Boy did I make out on that deal because I returned one pair but came home with two. She returned four and came home with two. She bought something else but I forget what it was. Then it was off to Homo Queero for the stuff I needed for the shelf.

Once home, I got right to work on the shelf. The measurements on the label on the shelf were off by a full inch which required me to get creative. It’s not pretty but it works and it is hidden in the closet so who cares? I am not hidden in the closet, nor is The Girl. So while I am busy building the shelf, The Girl was purging through some of her work stuff. The guest room/office still had bins full of stuff in them and there was a pile of books and stuff  growing in the living room. At one point, the house was a disaster but then all of a sudden it was done! What I didn’t know was that The Girl was fixing up the guest room/office at the same time as she was dealing with the stuff in the livingroom.  She asked me to go in there and I was floored! It looks awesome and we can actually have guests so if you wanna come over and spend the night, you can. We are both very pleased with how great the house looks and we now have room for a Christmas tree.

After that, I went next door to help the Roommate get the Christmas decorations out of the attic, then I cooked dinner. The Girl did the dishes even though she ate leftover cheesless pizza and I made a ton of dishes with my turkey dinner. I didn’t get sent home with leftovers this year so I made myself a breast of turkey with mashed potatoes, corn, and gravey. I really digged being able to chill and not worry about dishes. My girl rocks.

Now it’s time to veg. What did you do today?

It’s 3:05 am. What are you doing?

27 11 2009

We are at the Old Navy trying to get $15 jeans. The Girl thought there
would be a line. I didn’t. Guess who was correct?

I’m Thankful For…

26 11 2009
  • My family. They kick ass.
  • The Girl and her understanding and tolerance of my bad behavior when I am woken up. Apparently I fell asleep on the couch last night and threw a temper tantrum when she sent me off to bed. I do not remember giving her the stank eye nor do I remember slapping my hand on the couch. I also have no recollection of kneeing her twice when she came to bed. Sorry Luv Muffin.
  • Boss for sharing her stuffed mushroom recipe with me. Also for talking me through it for two days and being available for phone support while I cooked them. It is important to remember that I usually only cook outdoors. Cooking inside gives me anxiety. Multiply that by a gazillion when The Girls sister asked us to bring appetizers.  My first holiday with her family and she wants us to bring apps! Ugh. I feel pretty good about the mushrooms though and I think they will be a hit.
  • My boss for getting creative with our hours. She assigned “8 hours”(wink, wink) of homework for us due this Monday.  That means we don’t have to use vacation time for taking Friday off.
  • Coffee. I am thankful for coffee every single day.
  • Being a two computer family. I started this post on my laptop which is a PC. For some reason I have been having issues saving and publishing posts. I had to finish this post on The Girls Mac. Anyone have any ideas on what the farg is going on?
  • For people who send me funny emails when they know I am having a bad day;

I hope some,(okay, at least one of them) of my blog peeps are thankful that I didn’t mention how I really feel about Thanksgiving.

Here is hoping you have a happy, safe, and drama free turkey day!

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Ten Things

17 11 2009

1. I had blood work today.

2. I had to fast for 12 hours.

3. That meant no coffee this morning.

4. Why bother getting out of bed if I can’t drink coffee?

5. I woke at 4:30 and went back to sleep until 6:30

6. Because I went back to sleep, I got an awful headache.

7. Drug my ass out of bed, showered, put two Advil in my pocket, and got in the car.

8. Stopped at Dunks to get a coffee that I planned to drink the second my blood was taken.

9. Lady, don’t fucking ask me any questions. I have not had any coffee. And wipe that condescending look off your face while you are at it. I don’t know what insurance I have nor do I fucking care. I have not had any coffee! And yes, I did move. People move for christ’s sake! Again, remove the condescending look off your face and stop asking me questions!

10. Blood removed, I made a bee-line to my car. Where is my car anyway? Head pounding plus icky belly equals cranky Auntie. It took me a full hour and a half to feel good enough to actually do any work. Lucky for me,  I was the first one in the office. No one saw me with my head on my desk.

Extra credit; The Girl is finally feeling better. I did sleep in the bed with her. So far, so good. MST, the chicken soup was a great idea except I have never in my life made homemade chicken soup and wouldn’t even know where to begin and The Girl is a vegan.

Your Vote Counts

13 11 2009

I think The Girl has the flu. She stayed home from work today and has been in bed ALL day. I called her at 9 and her phone was off.

Her phone is never off.

I called again at 12 and it was still off.

Around 2 I called The Room – mate, who is now the neighbor, to go to the house and check on her. She sent me a text that read; “It took a lot of door bells to rouse her. She looks really sick.”

The Girl called me and said she felt like she had smashed her head on the floor.

We had no pain reliever in the house.

I left work, went to the drug store, bought flu meds, Advil, and a thermometer, and went home.

Her temp was 101.4. I made her drink the nasty flu stuff and a cup of tea.

I had a nice glass of Emergen-C.


I love this stuff

My question to you is this; Do I sleep in the bed with her (she has been drooling on my pillow for hours) and increase my chances of catching it or do I sleep in the guest bedroom tonight? I’m kinda feeling like at this point, it’s not gonna matter where the hell I sleep..

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Thank You

11 11 2009




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Not So Much…

4 11 2009


… in Maine.


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