I’m Still Here

28 09 2009

I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote. Sorry ’bout that, I’ve been busy. As I have said before, I do a lot of writing for school which means I don’t feel like writing for fun. People have been asking about what I have been up to so here you go, in no particular order;

  • The Girl celebrated here 33 trip around the sun on the 19th. Happy Birthday again Luv Muffin! To celebrate we went to her favorite  restaurant to have dinner with the SLM family. A good time was had by all! The next day, her actual birthday,  we did some shopping then went down to visit with her Nana, then dinner with her parents, sisters, one bro-in law, two nieces,and a nephew. Oh, and a player to be named later as she will become an Auntie for the fourth time in early November! Any way, her mom made a delicious chicken dinner which The Girl ate NONE of because she is a VEGAN! Nope, my girl had a big old plate of broccoli!  Yum!
  • IMG_0497
  • Mr. Chili treated me to a Sox game this month! I had a fantastic time with him and decided that we should try to hang out more often. Thanks again Mr. C!
  • Bean requested a “Just you and me day”. She wants to try out her new ice skates. I may have to pull the little bugger out of school for a couple of hours to do it though. Beaner, if you are reading,  I haven’t forgotten about you.
  • Speaking of school, I have an unbelievable amount of work to do before now and May. My school holds graduations 4 times a year but if you wanna walk, you need to do it in May and you have to need no more than 6 credits. When speaking to my adviser this past weekend, she told me not to stress out about it and to take my time. I informed her that my family and friends have been SO supportive of me that I would feel like I was letting them down if I didn’t give them the chance to see me get that damn piece of paper. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I am pretty sure I can do it.
  • Speaking of school again, I am going to end up with a $4,000 bill that financial aid won’t pay. The good news is is that I need to take some sort of art type of class. This includes dance. I figure if I take the pole dancing class I can head on over to the local strip joint and put my education to work and earn some cash to pay the bill!
  • Punkin’, who I have been referring to as Punk, and I have had some serious grown up conversations. This kid is really blowing my mind and we are now leaving the safety and comfort of the “Auntie is someone fun to play with” zone and into the “Auntie is the person I talk to about peer relationships, boys, and menstrual cycles” zone. As scary as it is that she is becoming a young woman so quickly, it is also a privilege and pleasure to be a person she trusts to talk to about the tough stuff.
  • As I sit in the office writing this, The Girl is watching the Sox in the living room. Boy do love this girl!
  • Please know that I am still reading your blogs. I have sucked at commenting but I promise I am reading.
  • Speaking of school again, I saw this cute guy and his dad on my way to school last month;


If you look close, you can see that he is strapped to his dads waist. Also please note the cool shades. When they were moving, he would lay down on the blanket that is over the gas tank and hang his head over the side so that he got maximum wind. When I pulled along side of them, he was standing up, looking through the windshield. I swear on all that I love that when I asked his dad if I could take their picture, he leaned into his pop and looked right at me. What a ham.

  • The Girl beat me in a round of Putt-Putt with this stance and form;


Everything she learned about golf she learned from the movie Happy Gilmore. She kicked my ass. I have no other words.

  • Every week someone says something to me that I declare the quote of the week. I keep meaning to post them but I never get around to it. Maybe a TTT? Anyway, my little friend Punk had a good one. When telling me about her first big kid dance she said; “Auntie! There is this dance called Grinding. Have you ever heard of it?”
  • That’s all for tonight, folks. This kid is going to have some ice cream and call it a night.