Half Naked Legs!

25 04 2009


80 and sunny

80 and sunny

 I have been looking forward to today all week! Today will be the first day of the season that I wear shorts!


 Today will also be the first day of the season that I slather my entire body with sunblock. The plan for the day is to do laundry, go to the big box hardware store, go to The Girls to install a new shelf and clothes rod in her closet, and then be outside for as long as possible. Later tonight we are meeting up with MST and Rock Star to (maybe) get a bite to eat and (definitely) see a movie.

What are you doing? 

 Oh, fridge update;

 Hi! My name is Auntie and I am a moron!

 It seems I turned the dial the wrong way on the fridge. Thankfully I figured this out on my own before the repair man was called. The temp was correct on the freezer but for some reason, when I turned the fridge to the proper temp (so cold the milk almost freezes) the temp dropped in the freezer too. The temp controls are separate.. I can’t explain this.

 It’s not the dumbest thing I have ever done but pretty close. My ice cream is now properly frozen!

 For anyone who cares, the Sox beat the Yanks in 11 last night. Speaking of baseball, I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to Morgan. She wrote, in a comment last week;

“I will very respectfully disagree with you about the Sox success. Especially because my Angels are having a rough year. Four starting pitchers on the DL!!!”

 I am really sorry, friend. Trust me, I know how it feels. I am sending some good baseball energy to your beloved Angels. I do hope they get it together but not so much that they end up beating us in the playoffs. If they do, I’m going to hunt you down and kick your ass!*


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*Just kidding. I am not a violent person at all.


Ten Things

21 04 2009

 More random things that are on my mind;

1. My boss says my program will run out of money in June. I need to start terminating with my clients. Some of them really use it as it was intended. It’s those people I’ll need to do a lot of work with. Some I very rarely see so they won’t care so much. 

2. As far as what position I will take next, so far I have been approached for three different jobs. I like that I have some choices.

3. I need to go to the hardware store but I keep putting it off. The landlord asked me to get a trash barrel, a new lock for the front door, and hinges for the shed door. In addition to that I need a blind for the front window. I may or may not leave with a new drill too.

4. I think the refrigerator is about to die. Cook Man sent me home with a thermometer and the temp is not within the safe range. I’m going to pull it out and give the back a good cleaning to see if that helps. 

5. Soft ice cream(see above) makes me feel sad.

6. Speaking of Cook Man, he has been making good coffee every afternoon. By good I mean Starbucks or something similar, not the swill he serves in the morning.  He either calls my office or sends me a text to let me know when it is ready. Can’t find me between 1:30 and 2? I’m in the lunch room enjoying some joe.

7. The Sox are starting to play really well! My guy Wake had a great game last week! He pitched a no-no through the 7th and he finished the game. Unheard of for him!

8. The Girl really seems to be enjoying watching baseball. Really. A couple of times when we have been together she has tried to plan our activities around game times. I tell her, and I mean it, that I would rather hang out with her than watch the game.  She thinks it’s fun to watch together. I agree, but I don’t need to come home from whatever we are doing to watch the game. I think she has caught the baseball bug!

9. In addition to number 8, The Girl has decided to start showing her new found love of the Sox by wearing a Sox tee-shirt. Specifically, MY Sox tee-shirt. In fact, she took it home with her. I am totally OK with the fact that I will never wear that shirt again. It looks much better on her than it does on me anyway! Besides, the SLM’s got me a new Sox shirt for my birthday.

10. Hmm. Now that I think of it, The Girl also went home with a long sleave tee and a hoodie that were in my closet. See how she is?


19 04 2009


 I had one of those weeks where nothing seemed to go my way. Clients canceled, Boss had to postpone helping me move my couch from my bedroom to the living room, and The Girl had to delay her visit by one day because she had to babysit her nephew.

 My world took a turn for the better on Friday when Boss, her new Beau, and Little Boss came to move the couch. Guess who else showed up?

 The Girl!!

 Her sister did not need her services after all so she drove up to surprise me! I was so happy to see her that I didn’t even care that Beau had to cut the front bottom section of my leather couch off in order to get it up the stairs! The good news is that the couch is in the living room and once I buy nuts and bolts, you won’t even be able to tell my couch got hacked. 

 Surprise number two came yesterday. Me and The Girl had plans to meet the SLM family, Lime Green, and another couple (who I have never written about and haven’t thought of pseudonyms for yet) to go bowling. When we got there, Boy1 said;

“Hey Auntie! Guess what?!”

 I walked over to him, got myself to his level and said; “What’s up buddy?”

 “We’re having your birthday party here!”

 At that, SLM2 something like; “There goes the surprise!”

 I was surprised because my birthday is two weeks away! 

 The Girl went on to say that the reason she was acting funny before we left was because she was sitting on the napkins that were going to be used for the party and that she took some forks from my place too. 

 Right on!

 Here are some pictures from my birthday party number one. Number two will be sometime after my birthday and will be in the form of a BBQ. I love me a good BBQ!


The Girl

The Girl














Lime Green

Lime Green


Unnamed friend1

Unnamed friend1



Unnamed friend2

Unnamed friend2

 In addition to bowling, there was food and yummy chocolate cake that the boys picked out for me!

 I had a great time! Thanks peeps!

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

8 04 2009

 The Girl is having a tough day. She had a paper to turn in today and her computer wouldn’t let it go. She’s at school now so I thought I would post a picture of one of her favorite things so she could see it when she got home;


 Yup, my girl loves broccoli! The image above shows it with wasabi sauce, which she also happens to love.


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Ten Things Tuesday

7 04 2009

 More randomness;

1. Opening day was postponed until today because of rain. I had a feeling that was going to happen so I wasn’t upset about it. Big Papi wasn’t either.


2. I was talking to The Girl last night on the phone;

“Have you gone back to my blog this evening?”

“No, hold on and I will.”

“Maybe you should wait.”

“Why? Did you say something unkind?”

“No. I wouldn’t do that. You said you wanted to know how many games. Be careful what you ask for.”

“162 games? That’s all the teams combined, right?”

“No, 162 for each team.”

“Wow. Wow. That’s a lot of games. I had no idea they played that many games.”

 Several times during our conversation, no matter what we were talking about, she would randomly say “162. Wow.”

3. Game time is at 4:05. My plan for the day is to write a paper this morning until 6:30, shower and get ready for the work day, do paperwork until 8:15, then start seeing clients at 9. I hope to leave the office no later than 3:30. I’ll miss the first pitch and probably the entire first inning but will be home for the rest of the game. 

4. I have decided that I am not making any commitments what so ever on weekends that I have school. Peeps, if you want me to do something, the best I can tell you is maybe. Sitting in that class all day is tough and by the time the day is done, all I want to do is come home and go to sleep. The next class is on my birthday weekend so the celebration is going to be put off until the following weekend. 

5. In addition to that, I am not scheduling anything for work on the following Monday. I want the option of taking the day off if I need it. 

6. While on the topic of scheduling, peeps, don’t ask me to do anything this Saturday either. Because of work, school, friends, family, and other commitments The Girl and I have not had a chance to spend a considerable amount of time alone with each other. We have planned on doing that this Saturday. The only plan is to hang out with each other. We are going to take the day and do whatever we feel like. I am so looking forward to this!

7.  The guest bedroom/office has not been touched. The only time I go in there is to get the iron. Maybe I will work on that while watching the game tonight. 

8.  I thought about taking today off to make a trip to IKEA. I need a bunch of stuff for my apartment including window coverings, a coffee table, and a bedside table. I have decided not to go today but a trip is in the works soon. 

9. The couch is still in the bedroom. I have not had a chance to work on remedying that yet. Once it is out, the room will look very empty so I was thinking of getting a couple of chairs for in there. 

10. That’s all I have today, peeps. Happy Tuesday!


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So It Begins

6 04 2009

Happy opening day!

 The Girl just sent me an email; “Hope that this day brings you joy and excitement. I am sending out positive thoughts that the rain does not derail the whole game and that at least a few innings can be played.”

 How sweet of her to think of me like that! I’m thinking that there will not be a game today because of the rain. That’s ok, there will be more. A lot more. I wonder if The  Girl knows just how many games are played in the regular season?

 I don’t think she knows exactly what she has signed up for.

I’m Sorry This Is Late, My Friend

5 04 2009

 Yesterday was MST’s birthday. 


 My peep turned 41! She doesn’t look a day over 35. Really, she doesn’t! In addition to looking great, she is an amazing person. Her kindness and her concern for others astounds me. One of the things I love best about her is that when she asks how I am doing, she really wants to know. She creates such an atmosphere of safety and comfort that I find myself talking about things that I didn’t even know were on my mind. MST is also very smart, funny, and a ton of fun to be around! I really wish we could spend more time with each other because when I am with her, I have such a great time.

 Last night was her birthday dinner, which I missed. I kinda had a feeling that was going to happen because I had school. In addition to not getting out of class in time to make the hour plus drive, I also had to read 14 handouts (which was assigned to us last night!) and write a short paper for this mornings class. I am sorry I missed it, honey. I will make it up to you.


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