The itchy and scratchy show, part 2

31 01 2008

 I still have hives. I have had hives for about 41 hours now. I have not ever had them for this long. I go to the doctors at 9. The thing is, the hives are only on my ass. Great.  ” Hi Doc, my name is Auntie. My hives are on my ass. Let me show you!” I am so psyched that I get to drop my pants for the doc I have never met before. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I hope they spread.

 Check back later, I will fill you in on the humiliation of my visit with the doc.


 Just got done with round one at the doctors. I had no idea I would be pricked over 50 times with needles. Yuck. I need to go back on Monday for more pricks. For some reason my insurance won’t allow all the testing on one day. So far I have a very mild reaction to dust mites, mold and maple trees. None of which would explain my hives. The next round is mostly food stuff. When the NP said the word “milk” my heart sank. Milk is the common denominator. I drink lots of milk every day. I once said to my friend; “If my doc told me I could never drink booze again, I would be fine with that. If he said no more milk I would probably die.” God, I hope it’s not the milk. Anyway, they gave me an Rx so I won’t have to deal with this over the weekend. I can’t take it on Sunday as it will mess up the tests on Monday. Please pray that it is something other then milk. Ugh.


Yes, I am scratching my butt. You would too!

30 01 2008

I’m calling the doctor today. It’s got to be pretty bad for me to call the doctor.

For the last four months I have been getting hives. Not every day but a lot. They would come between 5:30 and 7:30 at night and last a couple hours. They always start on the back of my head then move to my belly, back, butt and on to the top of my legs by my crotch. Awe-Some! Usually they are not too itchy and only a couple of times I have had to take something for them. I have changed nothing. Not my diet, soap or lotion. I have no idea why I am getting them.

Yesterday I got them at 2:30 in the afternoon. When I looked in the mirror I was horrified. My entire stomach was like one giant hive. I looked like a monster. I don’t usually freak out about stuff like this but yesterday I did. I called my friend MST who is going to school to be a PA. I knew she wouldn’t have answers for me. What I was really looking for was a some reassurance. She was great. She asked me if I was breathing ok (I was) and all the hive related questions. What did you eat today? Any changes in products? She recommended I take a Benadryll and call the doc. I already took the pill I told her and I would be falling asleep any minute now..

I passed out, woke up at 7:30 pm, went to bed , woke up at 2:30 am. I now had the hives on my arm. WTF! I had a glass of milk and went back to bed. I woke up again at 6:30. Yup, still got them! Now they are on my belly again and still on my arms. Oh, and my lip. It looks like I got punched. Drinking coffee is difficult. This is where I draw the line. When it starts to interfere with coffee, something drastic needs to be done. I will call the doc as soon as they open.

It should also be noted that I have a general feeling of yuckiness. It’s like I am starting a cold. I am not stuffy but I have a slight cough, possibly a low-grade fever, a dull headache and I am just feeling very tired. I am wondering if I am fighting something and my immune system is working double time, hence causing more hives then usual. Wish me luck. Oh, and if you see me, please don’t point and laugh.


 I have an appointment for tomorrow at 9am. I have been instructed to not take any medications between now and then. Super! The hive on my lip is almost gone, still got ’em on my belly and butt. Scratch, scratch.

Jumpin on the “Ten Things” bus!

29 01 2008

 Ten song lyrics I really like:

  1. “I guess there’s nothing left to explain. Here’s what your getting and I don’t want to change.” Eric Clapton, Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart
  2. “Your anger don’t impress me, the world slapped in your face. It always rains like hell on the losers day parade.” Goo Goo Dolls, Broadway
  3. “I don’t know where it all begins. And I don’t know where it all will end. But we’re better off for all that we let in” Indigo Girls, All That We Let In
  4. “ And the moon was so beautiful that the ocean held up a mirror.” Ani DiFranco, Everest
  5. “Well the God I believe in isn’t short on cash, mister!”  U2, Bullet The Blue Sky (this line gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. Not sure why..)
  6. “She asked me why. I just went on and told her.” R.L. Burnside, It’s Bad You Know
  7. “ The telephone was ringing, I handed it to Liz. She said ‘This isn’t who it would be if it wasn’t who it is’” Phish, The Wolfman’s Brother
  8. “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.” Beck, Loser (I sing this when I do or say something dumb.)
  9. “You ain’t a beauty but hey your all right” Bruce Springsteen, Thunder Road (Is that an insult? Makes me chuckle every time I hear it!)
  10.  “In a world that what we want is only what we want until it’s ours” Train, Drops Of Jupiter

Goofing off in class

28 01 2008

 I swear, I’m in class. Mr. Teacher said if we know what he is talking about we can do something else. Currently we are learning about pointing, clicking(remember we use the left button most) and dragging and dropping. Mind blowing.

 I am happy to say I am not the oldest person in my class. There are probably 8 or 9 people who are older then me and some with blue hair. From now on I will be referring to this class as “computers for blue hairs.”

 This is what really blows my mind. I get 15 points for showing up and 15 points for doing my homework. I don’t have to do it right, I just have to do it. Do you see something wrong with this? I do. And we wonder why the world is the way it is. The rest of the points come from exams. Now we are learning how to close a window. “Oh wait, no, no, it’s left click. Don’t right click unless I say so.” Says Mr. Teacher.

 Not to pat myself on the back or anything but I was one of maybe three out of the eighteen people who actually showed up with the required books. The woman next to me needed to borrow a piece of paper from me. Really? People show up with nothing? Sigh.

 Mr. Teacher also said it was ok to show up late or leave early. Really, he did. I feel bad for this guy having to talk about this stuff for almost 4 hours. He must be the most patient man in the world.

 I was thinking of giving you a play by play of my first day but I kinda like you all so I’m going to pass on that. If you read this now, please comment and check back for my reply so I have something to do. Thank you.

 Oh, btw, I like to go to bed around 9. This class ends at 9:45…

My first day

28 01 2008

 Today is my first day of class. I have not been to school since 1991! I have done a ton of trainings and tests in the last 4 years so I am not worried about that. Also my job(s) have required me to do a lot of writing so I’m ok with that too. It doesn’t hurt to have a sister and a friend who are teachers either!! I really have no idea what to bring to class besides my books, paper and a pen. Any thoughts?


27 01 2008

 Kizz posted this today and it reminded me of this;

I love you, man!

It’s official!

26 01 2008

 I are a college student! I have computers for dummies beginners on Monday nights and Intro to Psychology on Wednesday nights. I hate that I have to take these classes because they will probably be so easy for me. My clinical supervisor at work has me writing treatment plans and diagnosing  my clients. Whatever though, it has to be done to get my degree.  Finally my ass is in school and it feels good!

 In other news, I just had lunch with Auntie Teacher. The AWESOME waitress brought my milk with the meal!! She got kudos from me and a 40% tip.

 In closing, a picture that Chili sent me. 


I sent it to a friend who replied; “loved it!!!!  Now all the have to do is feed the kid beans!!!!!”