She’s Going To Be A Great Mom

23 05 2010




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23 05 2010
Mrs. Chili

You will both be.

28 07 2011


23 05 2010
Laurie B

Hey, Kiddo

You will be too. I watched the alpha-tunes spell thing.

You’ve got the heart and soul, a loving, laughing partner, and the wicked smaht mind that every kid should have in the parents.

25 05 2010

And I like the picture.

26 05 2010

It will be lucky child who has you both someday.

15 06 2010
Laurie B

So happy that you have found the one person that lights up your heart and and comlipments your smahts.

To think I read your blog back when you’d hoped that “The Girl” (and this Girl in particular) would ever arrive in your life. Yes! She Did! Lucky you, lucky her!

We were at a Topp Twins show last weekend and a lesbian couple, 34 years together, two kids, eight grandkids, well, they won some admiration from the crowd. My hope is that you and your Girl can claim the same.

Marry well and laugh often, ok?

4 07 2010
Organic Mama

That photo made me smile a lot – congratulations again to you both, and I am so excited for you!!

23 07 2010
Laurie B

Not sure of the exact date but my love and I will still be sleeping in, no matter the date. We hope that Auntie and TG create a life and love that suits you both well. We send our love and, oh my gosh, the thirty years of knowing and loving each other that we have, we send on to bless you. We hope and wish that it all goes as well for you as it has for us. We work at it but it’s easy most of the time.

There is nobody on earth that I would rather be with, talk with, cook for, take care of, and spend time with than my BEW. I’m the lucky one.

Love well, live well, laugh often.

Love to both. Celebrate your lives as you celebrate your marriage. It’s all good.

22 09 2010
Laurie B

So, got anything to say?

Your sister misses your snark. I know it’s your blog and you are free to post or not post and all that.

So tell me, what’s been going on? Bought a house? Changed jobs? Still on the Honeymoon? I hope so.

The Two bluedays, the Mrs. Chili and her Mr, O’Mama and her DH, and My BEW and me are still all enjoying this that many years into it. Welcome to the
club! Drop a line, we miss you and TG!

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