New Years Eve

31 12 2008


It's already 2009 in Australia!

It's already 2009 in Australia!



 Before I get down to the business of  the New Year, I would like to take a moment to offer up some winter driving tips. It’s snowing in my neck of the woods. 3-6 or 4-8 inches depending on who’s talking. At any rate, it’s just a dusting. Still pretty tricky to drive in though as I noted on my way home from work.  

 Tip # 1. Slow the fuck down.

 Tip #2.  If you observe two cars off the highway and in the median, it’s a good idea to slow the fuck down a bit more. Personally, I was doing around 60. The road only had a bit of snow on it when I saw car #1 off the road. At that, I thought to myself that there was more at work there than I could see so I dropped to 50.  When I saw car # 2, I kept it between 40 -45. People were flying by me. Dumb. Asses. I saw 4 wrecks on my 20 mile trip. One involved multiple cars and was pretty ugly.

 Tip # 3. Keep a safe distance. Stopping is difficult in the snow. If you only leave the typical (for Massachusetts drivers) 5 feet between you and the car in front of you, you are going to end up smashing into the dude in front of you. I like to leave about 10 or 12 car lengths when it is craptastic out. This is not easy because of the Massholes cutting in.  Dumb. Asses.

 Tip # 4. If you see a plow truck in the breakdown lane, don’t aim for it. I swear to God this dude almost rammed into the back of the truck and the driver making adustments to his thingamjig. I really thought I was going to see a man die today. Scarey shit I tell ya.


 Tip # 5. Clean the fucking snow off your car before you drive it. If you can’t see me you will hit me, asshole.  Also, the snow flies off in chunks and smashes windshields/causes accidents. Don’t be such a lazy fuck!

 Anyway, tonight a whole bunch of us are going out to eat and to see my friend Rock Star sing at a place that is super close to my house! I am pumped to hang with my peeps and see my bud sing. Actually, this will be the second time in less than a week that I have gone to her show. Lucky me!

 This year I resolve to swear more (Fuck!) and use the term “Butch up!” as much as possible. Also, I am going for straight A’s in school because Mr. Chili said he would pay me a quarter for every A I got! I’ll be rich!

 How about you? Plans? Resolutions?


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What I Have Eaten Today

28 12 2008


If you care to know, I have made a pig of myself today. So far I have eaten;

  • Strawberries and Cream oatmeal. I asked Chili to be on the lookout for it in her local stores because I couldn’t find it around here. She found it, wrapped it up and gave it to me as a Christmas present. Thanks Chili!
  • Stuffed mushrooms. We had our Christmas party last night and there were lots of leftovers. Boss made the mushrooms and they are very, very yummy.
  • Mini chimichangas. Also left over from last night.
  • Popcorn. A very large bowl of popcorn. With lots of butter and salt.  You might be interested to know that corn is the only thing I salt.
  • Meatballs. Yup, left over from last night. They actually tasted better today than they did last night.

 In addition to the above food, I have had a lot of coffee today. For some reason I have been craving food and coffee more than usual. I hope I’m not pregnant.

 The day is not over and I am planning on eating some shrimp cocktail, more mushrooms, Smart Puffs, leftover turkey, and ice cream.  I do not usually eat like this. Ever. I don’t know what’s going on with me. You know what? Even though I just finished the meatballs and I am not the least bit hungry, I’m gonna eat the Smart Puffs now. Bye.


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Good Tidings

25 12 2008

 I had a difficult time picking a Christmas video this morning. I chose this one because it has a bit in it for my Jewish peeps, specifically O’ Mama(hi bitch!) who is my only Jewish peep that reads my blog.  

 Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

Holiday Cheer

24 12 2008

 Chili has a habit of calling me when I am on my way to her house to ask me to pick up something she forgot to buy. Usually it’s not a problem but on Christmas morning the pickings are slim. Usually I have to stop at the store 24. I don’t like the store 24. It smells bad.  Anyway, I told her I was going out and asked her if she needed anything in an effort to avoid the early morning phone call.

“Yeah. Ice. Grab a bag of ice.”


“And Crown! I don’t have any! Bring some of that too!”

“Are you gonna drink Crown with me?”

“Oh yeah! I’m gonna get a bit silly tomorrow!”

 Right on Mama!

 Happy Christmas Eve!


Yankee Go Home!

19 12 2008

 I would like to share with you part of an email MST sent me today. Of course I have her permission to do so;

 OH…and guess who was in the gym this morning??????? Arch enemy:

DEREK JETER!!!!!!! AND…he totally checked me out as I walked
by…the dog. It was all I could do to not trip him on the treadmill.


I think she should have thrown a 15 pound dumbbell at him.


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Two Happy Ice Related Stories

18 12 2008

 First, the SLM family got their power back tonight after the ice storm knocked it out last Thursday morning! I assume they are moving back into their home as I write this. Welcome home SLM family!

 I found this next story while checking out the local weather. Snow is coming and the weather people are calling it a “significant snow event”. They say anywhere between 6-14 inches depending on where you live. Once again, route 128 is the line where you either get clobbered or not. This time though, south of 128 is getting the most of it. In my opinion, anything under a foot and a half is considered a dusting. Three feet is what I would consider significant.

 Well, well, well. I totally went off on a tangent. Sorry about that. What I really wanted to direct your attention to is this super cute story about a baby deer. Enjoy.

Silver Lining

18 12 2008

 Last night Bean had her violin recital. As usual, she was awesome. I really enjoy going to the kids extra curricular activities. Last week Punkin had her band concert. Tis the season for kid concerts because Boy2 was also supposed to have his concert this week. On the same day as Beans. Ugh.  It really sucked but I had to make a choice between his and Beans. Bean is blood so I chose hers. SLM2 explained to Boy2 why I wouldn’t be going to his. He understood but it kinda tore my heart out.

 Going to kids events is important to me. I want the little people in my life to know that I care about them enough to show up to their events. I remember being a kid and looking out to the crowd and not seeing my people. It didn’t happen all the time. Just once was enough to make it really suck. I’ve missed several of the Boys events this year because of scheduling conflicts and school.  They seem to ask the SLM’s if I am coming to every single game or event and while I love that they want me there, I hate it when I can’t.

 Anyway, when the SLM family was over for dinner on Tuesday I got excited when I realized that due to the continued power outage, Boy2’s concert would be postponed! While it really sucks that they still don’t have power, I am psyched that I can go to his concert. Unless it is on a school night. My fingers are crossed.

 In other news, we got a few inches of snow yesterday and more is on the way tomorrow. The weather people are refusing to say how much. All they say is depending of the track of the storm, we could see anywhere between 1 to 10 inches of snow. They are also alluding to another “snow event” on Sunday. No doubt we will have a white Christmas.

Ice Storm

15 12 2008


 I would have posted these ice storm pictures sooner but I had no Internet. We only lost power for about 18 hours. We were very lucky. The SLM family has moved into a hotel. They said they heard that it could be up to two weeks until their lights go back on.  I think it’s kind of cool because they will be coming to my house most nights to cook dinner. I like having them around. Of course I hope they can go home soon but I’m looking forward to regular dinner guests.


 The power went out around midnight on Friday.  When I got up at four, there was no water in the basement. By 5:30 it barely covered the floor. By 6:15 there was maybe two inches and I started to try to remove it.

 Did I mention I was the only one home?

 The Room-Mate made it home around eight. Off we went in search of something to provide us with power. Generators were sold out by six. We camped out in front of Best Buy and waited for them to open where she purchased a power inverter that I hooked to the car battery. The sump pump was plugged in and water was flowing out. By this time there was maybe five inches of water down there. Another forty or so minuets and the brand new wicked expensive furnace would have been submerged. Whew. 


 Dispite the damage it sure was pretty. By nightfall, I started a fire downstairs. We planned on camping out in Ma’s livingroom for the night in front of the fireplace.  After a few hours enjoying the fire, the lights came back on. I was really happy to be able to take a shower.

 Now, the Room-Mates new girlfriend and her two kids are here until there power comes back on.  The Chili’s, and I am assuming, Auntie Teacher have power now. No school though. I am returning to work today. Auntie Teacher told me yesterday that there is a 200 plus person waiting list for generators. Wow.


 Happy Monday!

Yeah, I Got Distracted

7 12 2008

I know I just put up a post and I said I was going to write my paper. Well, I decided while I was writing that post that I would watch some of the Giants/Eagles game. Just before I go to shut the tv off, I saw this commercial.

Are you fucking kidding me? There is no reason this woman needs to go to a personal trainer! I hate how the media tries to make women think of themselves!! So your boyfriend dumps you for some other chick and that automatically means that there must be something wrong with you?

How about this? That guy is a stupid prick! Why don’t you say that, Yellow Book people? Oh, sorry. I guess you don’t say that because so much money is made by making women think there is something wrong with them and you have (or in this case, will help them find) the product they need to make them better.

How these advertising people sleep at night I don’t know.

I Can’t Think Of A Title For This Post

7 12 2008

 I am guessing you don’t give a crap if I even have a title. Do you? 

 A lot of things have happened since my last POST post last week. It was nice to having a break from blogging and now I am back to writing whenever the hell I feel like it. 

  •  First, I am going to tell you another true story. Again, I swear I can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, I am talking to this woman about her job and here is what she says;

“You know that woman who works here part time?’

“Yeah, she seems really nice.”

“She is but God love her, she is as dumb as a POST!”

 I wish we had that conversation last week.

  •  Hey Chili? When did wordpress go and change the format of the dashboard? Chili? Hey Chili! Put the damn iphone down and answer my question!


 Speaking of Chili, last night I roasted a chicken but I couldn’t remember what side went up so I took a picture of it and emailed it to her.


 When I called her back she said ” Yeah. Flip it over.” It came out yummy. Thanks Chili.

  •  It’s that time of year again. Did you notice the snow? It’s snowing outside too. Just a dusting but still it’s fun. Me and the Room-Mate went out to get our Christmas tree today. She promised me last year we could go cut one this year. Then she said there were some nice ones at the plaza up the road. I really did not want to get a lot tree. I really enjoy walking around the tree farm with a hot cup of apple cider then cutting it down myself. I didn’t argue because I have a ton of school stuff to do. We were gone less than a half hour.


 The back is totally flat but who cares. We will decorate it tonight. Oh, can someone please remind me to wipe the lens of my iphone before I take pictures? Thanks.

  •  Mr. Security really liked being on my blog. I think he will need to make regular appearence from now on.  Anyway, hear he is checking himself out on the net. 


 Peace out peeps. I gotta get back to writing my paper so I can watch the Pat’s at four.