This Is Kinda Fun

25 09 2008


How old is your brain? 

The site instructions are in Japanese, so read below! 
            1. Touch ‘start’
            2.  Bottom left will show you how many sessions there will be.  Bottom right will show set(s) you got correct on the left and set(s) you got wrong on the right.
                It will count down 3,2,1 before each session
            3. Memorize the number’s position on the screen.   You will have to select them from lowest to highest 
            4. Click in circle from the smallest to the  largest number.   each session will add another # to the set. 
            5. At the end of the game, the computer will tell you the age of your brain.
Here is the link. How did you do?

Bull Sh*t

23 09 2008

 I have been emailing my program advisor. It just occured to me that she puts her degree letters(M.A) after her name. Can someone tell me why  someone would do that?

Me, in 18 months;

Auntie Chili, B.S.

Let’s get more technical;

Auntie Chili, Bull Shitter in (of?) Counseling.

Must. Go. To. Bed. Now!

Ten Things Tuesday

23 09 2008

Ten quick things;

1. I am not eating dinner tonight because;

2. I was reading and responding to emails.

3. I was reading blogs.

4. I was talking to SLM1 on the phone.

5. If I eat dinner now, I won’t have room for ice cream and I have to have ice cream!

6. Although I was glad for the “getting to know the University and your cohort members” class, I am looking forward to a real class where I learn stuff I can use at my current job.

7. Cook Man at work is feeding my addiction. I now go to his kitchen for my daily afternoon chocolate snack.

8. The Sox only need to win one game to assure a wild card slot. 

9. I would rather they win the division out right but whatever.

10. I was concerned about having clients in my car who have warrants. I called Ms. Probation and left the following message;

“So, say I am driving down the road with a client and I get pulled over for a traffic violation. If said client has a warrant will I go to jail? And if I do, would you come and bail my ass out?”

 She said no, I would not go to jail. Typically they only arrest people who activley hide the person in question. And yes, she would bail me out.

 Kinda lame TTT this week but the Sox are on and I need some ice cream!

Week One

20 09 2008

 I started my first class last night. It is just a one credit class called Dimensions of Learning: Introduction to Cohort Learning. I was happy to find out that I was not the only person who was not accepted into the program yet. More than half the class also procrastinated with their registrations!

 The class is a very diverse one. This makes me very happy! We have one man (poor dude) who happens to be one of my co-workers. He said he was really happy to come to class and see a familiar face there. I thought it was nice too. Also, there is a woman who is about my age who works at the program one of my clients is in. This came in handy because I forgot to write a letter on her behalf and asked the woman if I could email the letter to her so she could pass it on to my client on Monday. 

 We have a woman from Slovakia who just became a citizen two days ago. When she mentioned this, the entire class cheered and clapped. Very cool. She already knew that I was a Sox fan ( we had to partner up and ask each other questions. We then shared our partners answers with the class. Of course I mentioned that I love baseball.) so she turned to me and said “I became a citizen at Fenway Park!”

“It doesn’t get any better than that!” Of course I wanted to correct her by telling her it was Fenway Pahk or just The Pahk but I didn’t.

 The class also contains a healthy balance of black and Hispanic people, some people with children, some older than me and a couple who are younger. Oh, and at least one lesbian. Well, two if you count me. 

 I feel like I already got a pretty good sense of who is going to make it and who will drop out. Everyone was really honest about what their fears were about going back to school. The most common seemed to be failing and paying for it. Obviously, paying for it is one of mine. At this point, I know I will pass.

 Speaking of passing, I would like to take a second to again thank everyone who has encouraged me and supported me through this whole school process. Chili, Boss,and  Auntie Teacher, your gentle nudging and encouragement over the years is really why I am finally here. Without you guys, I’m not sure I would have found the courage to do this. I cannot thank you all enough.

 Enough of that, lets move on. I got some really great news last night. First, I don’t have to take math!! I can take a science instead! Thank God. I really do suck at math. Thank you Boss, Mr. Chili, and Punkin for offering to help me with it though. You guys rock! Also, I can get 16 CLEP credits! I never even heard of CLEP until last night!

” Let me make sure I understand. I can go, pay $55-$75 to take a test, than get full credit instead of taking a class?”

“That’s right Auntie!”

 Sign me the hell up! I have no idea which ones I will choose but I will be using all 16 credits. Me being me, I did ask if I could get credit for watching the John Adams mini series on HBO. She said no but if I felt like it was enough to pass the American History class then to go ahead and do it. 

 One of our assignments is to write a paper based on any article we get from the online library and send it to the help people. We have at our disposal a service of online tutors. They read your paper and give you feedback. Of course I already have my own personal paper writing helper in Mrs. Chili. I am going to mail my paper to both and and compare the results. This ought to be good!

 My first real class is Introductory Seminar:Lives in Context. I have no idea what that is about. Wouldn’t you know that the class falls on P-towns Woman’s Weekend. A small sacrifice. I will have my Bachelors in 18 short months. Yippee!!!!

Who Left The Water Running?

18 09 2008

 So? If The Twobluedays are now grandparents to my nieces, does that mean that they are also now my parents? I don’t have parents.

And, Chili left the folowing comment on my blog yesterday;

“PLEASE, if there’s ANYTHING I can do to help you out, just say so.”

Trust me, there is a connection/point I am trying to make.

 I still don’t know how I am going to pay for school. I’m not really worried. I’ll figure it out, I always do.

Gerry and Chili, don’t send money, I am just kidding. If you want to send Puffs Plus, go ahead. It’s not the water that is running, it’s my nose. Sniff.




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Back To School?

17 09 2008

 I start school again this Friday. Here is the thing though; I have not been accepted into the program nor have I secured financial aid. There were problems with my application (my fault for not reading the directions correctly) so I am not officially in yet. 

  I was told to show up anyway.

 So, I will show up. There was a reading and a writing assignment. I can bang out the writing assignment in ten minuets. The reading? Well, the book hasn’t come in yet. Hopefully it will be in tomorrow. If so, I will have no problem reading it in one sitting.

 When I get to class, I am going to write “I will never procrastinate again!” 100 times on the board.

 Oh, and I think I am getting a cold. I love going to class all stuffy and sneezie. Hopefully it is just an allergy issue. I’ll know more in the morning.

Ten Things Tuesday

16 09 2008

 Ten photos I have taken in the last week or so;


 I swear I found these like this. I wonder if the young man who did this was upset with his mother that day.


My desk at work.

3. My co-workers desk;

 Why am I showing you pictures of our desks? Well, there is a story that goes with them;

“Auntie! What’s up with you desk?” Grumbled my boss with my co-worker sitting in front of him.

“What do you mean ‘What’s up with my desk?’, nothing is up with my desk.”

“Where is it?”

“In my office?”

“Who put it together?”

“I did, I already told you that.”

“You did?! Well, can you help co-worker put his together?”

“Yeah, I’m having trouble with it. I tried to flip it over and it was all rickity.” Says co-worker.

“Did you tighten the cams?”

“Yes, I tightened the cams!” he said all sarcastic.

 So I head on over and put the desk together on my own because he took off. When the boss asked me about it the next day I said;

“He didn’t tighten the cams. When he flipped it he broke one of the bolts because it was loose. I fixed it. I don’t recommend that it be moved much though.”

“What the fuck!!” was all he said.

4. While we are talking about my co-worker;

 My book case.

5. His book case

 I put that together too. Why is it broken??!! Because co-worker sat on it! Men! Oh, for the record, I put the chairs together too.

6. Thank God the cook hooked me up that day. 

 I ate that bad boy on the ride home. Instant stress relief!

7. So Rock Star played this Sunday. There are two important things to note about the following picture.

 One is the hair brush on the table! It’s hard to see, that’s why I added the arrow. Who does that? Yuck! The second is that Rock star allowed the game on while she played. MST and I had a hell of a time looking around her though. Truly, she only moved during commercials. Later she turned on another tv for us. She loves us!

8. I was at the bank at 11am on Sunday when I got this one.

 I am not sure why the picture is so small but the arrow is pointing to an open Coors Light can. Nice, huh? Typically I refrain from name calling but this guy is a moron!

9. September’s player of the month is no longer with us.

 The Room-Mate was so upset about it that she put the magnet over his face. I wish I had a picture of Jason Bay.

10. This one is my favorite.

 If your gonna put up a giant banner for your guy, don’t you think you could have found a better place for it? He does kinda look like a monkey though.

Monday Politics

15 09 2008

Sorry, I can’t make the video come up. Have you seen this yet? The part where Palin says “I don’t know what that is.” cracks me up.


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14 09 2008

Dear Punkin,

 A long time ago (you were two so you won’t remember), you said when you grew up, you wanted to be just like me. I told you I didn’t want you to be like me, I wanted you to be like you. You know what I mean? I want you to grow up and be your own woman. I want you to express your individuality the best way you see fit, even if I think you are being ridiculous.

 I mean that. I really do. 

 This picture is a perfect example of what I would consider to be ridiculous;


 It’s not the car or the licence plate that I find to be ridiculous, it’s just that it would clash with your hair. It would clash with my hair too. Should you chose to purchase a car in this color, I will not be traveling in it with you.



Ten Things Tuesday

9 09 2008

 I have decided to be be more mindful of the random nice things people do for me whether they are my peeps or complete strangers. My lunch conversation with Chili and my subsequent blog about said conversation made me realize that I may not be paying as much attention to all the nice things people do. This past week I have decided to give zero energy to rudeness and people who are inconsiderate. So far, that has worked out well for me. Here goes;

1. The Room-Mates mom invited me down for dinner.

2. The cook at work hooked me up with chocolate and a glass of milk.

3. The elderly woman at the gas station accepted my apology when I cut her off at the pump. It was difficult for me to apologize to her because she didn’t get out of her car for a long time and then she was inside paying for a long time. I actually had to pull away from the pump and wait for her to come out. I told her that I was so sorry that I took her pump, that I truly didn’t see her waiting, that when I did see her I tried to move but she was already backing in to another pump. This sweet elderly woman reached for my hand and said “That’s OK sweetie, it happens.”

4. When explaining my program to a group of inmates, one of my re-incarcerated clients said “And if you don’t need any of that stuff, she is great to just talk to.” At that, an older woman said “I can tell you are easy to talk to. You respect us. We don’t get a lot of that in here.” I thought that was a great compliment. I spent ten minutes talking to them and they could tell I respected them.  Good stuff.

5. Auntie Teacher invited me to go the the seafood festival. I declined but I was super glad she thought of me.

6.  Several of my clients asked me how I was doing before I had a chance to ask them how they were doing. In my line of work, this is a very good thing because people who struggle with addiction can’t usually think beyond themselves. Not only was I glad they were curious as to my well being, I am also glad they are in a better place.

7. Chili called me a few days after our lunch to check in on me too. She knew I was troubled and I had a really bad (or wicked, as we like to say around these parts) headache that day. 

8. While driving, lots of people let me in to the line of traffic.

9. Several co-workers and clients (not mine) offered to help me lug stuff up to my new office.

10. The SLM’s invited me over to watch the football game. SLM1 called me to ask me if I wanted anything in particular to eat or drink. I thought this was super nice.


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