Thanks Allies!

14 06 2008

 The Boston Pride parade is today. If you watch the news tonight you will see images like this;

 The media loves to only show the extreme side of the parade. Chances are pretty good you will not see these kind of images;

Here is a small sample the entire line up so you can get a better idea of the support the GLBTQ community gets.

Happy Pride!


AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
All Saints Church
All The Kings Men Productions, LLC
American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts
Animal Rescue League of Boston
Arlington Street Church
BAGLY, Inc. (Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth)
Barack Obama for President
Bay Windows,Inc. & Edge Publications
Beantown Softball League
Belmont Against Racism Gay Straight Alliance
Bentley College
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Bisexual Resource Center
Boston Bay Blades
Boston Gay Men’s Chorus
Boston Pride Hockey
Boston Prime Timers, Inc.
City Councilor Michael Flaherty, At-Large
City of Cambridge
Committee to Elect Sara Orozco
Committee to Elect Sonia Chang-Diaz
Dignity Boston
East Coast Biker Chicks Motorcycle Club
Ellis South End Neighborhood Association
Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
Fayerweather Street School
Fenway Community Health
First Church in Boston
First Parish Bedford UU
First Parish Brookine UU Church
First Parish Church (Unitarian Universalist) of Billerica
First Parish Church in Weston
First Parish Church of Groton, Welcoming Congregation
First Parish in Concord
First Parish of Malden
First Parish of Sudbury – Unitarian Universalist
First Presbyterian Church of Waltham
First Unitarian Society in Newton
First Universalist Society in Franklin
FLAG Flag Football
Frito Lay Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders – GLAD
Gay Mens Domestic Violence Project
Gay Officers Action League of New England
Gays for Patsy (GFP, Inc.)
GLF Resource Group for TJX
GLSEN Boston
Good Vibrations
Greater Boston Chapter of the National Organization for Women
Greater Boston Legal Services
Greater Boston PFLAG
Heller School MBA Student Association
Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Inc.
Independent Pagans of New England
Latin-American Health Institute
Lexington Faith Communities
Lexington Montessori School
Liquid Assets Swimming
Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers (MAPS)
Massachusetts Asian & Pacific Islanders for Health MASALA
Massachusetts General Hospital LGBT, Friends, and Allies
Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
Medway Oil Company Inc.
Metropolitan Community Church
Mike Ross
Moving Violations Motorcycle Club
Multicultural AIDS Coalition
National Grid
Network Health
New England Leather Alliance
Old South Church
Peoples Rights Fund as Stonewall Warriors
Pine Village Preschool
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
Pride Celebration Montreal
Red Delicious Moving Billboards
Rhode Island Pride
Senior Pride Coalition
Shawmut Design & Construction
Sidney Frank Importing Co. – Jagermeister
Sober & Proud
Somos Latinos’ The Under Impact Pub & Lounge
Stonewall Communities
Sun Life Financial
Team Enterprises USA
The Advent School
The Boston Living Center
The Femmes & Friends Contingent
The Freedom Trail Band of Boston
The Network/La Red
The Theater Offensive
Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn
Unitarian Universalist Church of Northborough
Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills
United Church of Christ, Open and Affirming Churches
United Parish of Auburndale
Urban Fusion and Encore Winter Guard
Voices Rising: Women building community through song
Wellesley Friends Meeting
Women Meeting Women
Yale Appliance + Lighting
Yankee Lambda Car Club

Photo Credit: Proclamation , drag queen, PFLAGEpiscopal, gay son, married,Mass equality, transgender


Ten Things Tuesday

22 04 2008

 Ten things about my research paper that is due tomorrow;

1. Religion and Psychology is a difficult topic. It has been emotionally exhausting to write.

2. I have had a difficult time writing about what conservative Christians have to say about homosexuality. They say homosexuality is “unnatural”. Writing about it being “unnatural” felt unnatural. And icky.

3. I am profoundly grateful that I was not raised in a religious household. The coming out process would have been more difficult than it already was.

4. I have several friends who were raised Catholic. For most of them, it is still very difficult to talk about. My friends, who are in their mid to late thirties, continue to struggle with their relationship with God. Although I believe that everything happens for a reason and that people are exactly where they need to be, I wish the spiritual road was a little less bumpy for them.

5. Some people still believe that homosexuality is a mental disorder than can be, and should be cured. They call it “reparative” or “conversion” therapy. Ugh


7. I continue to believe that every person has a right to believe what they want to believe. My feeling is if it works for you, great! I do have a problem with people pushing their beliefs on to other people and trying to make them wrong, especially to the point where it can cause another person harm. It has been said that gay and lesbian teens are twice as likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. I’m not ok with that.

8. There are so many things that the bible says that people just don’t follow or care about anymore. The following video illustrates my point;

I continue to wonder why some people dig their heals in over this issue. What are they so afraid of?

9. I have heard and read over and over again that although some Christians don’t approve of gay and lesbian people, they do love us. I’m sorry, but no one who loves me has ever said I should be ashamed of my sexuality, that they won’t accept me for who I am, that I should try to change who I am.

10. I continue to believe in creation. God created the whole ball of wax. He/she is the big guy/gal. I believe, very firmly, that if God didn’t want there to be homosexuality, there simply would not be homosexuality. I feel like people who say otherwise are questioning God’s “power”. What? It’s a choice you say? Why don’t you go ahead and try to be gay for a day and see how that works out for ya. Go ahead, I’ll wait. We can talk about this whole choice thing then.


Hot People for Valentien’s day/ spring training.

14 02 2008

Kizz has her hot people, Mrs. G has her secret boyfriends. I decided to join in and post some women who I think are hot and who, if they were my girlfriends, I would not keep it a secret.


Angie Harmon. She is married to the ex football player Jason Sehorn. He’s got nothing on me. She was on Law and Order which I would sometimes watch just for her.


Emily Procter. I loved her on The West Wing, now she is on CSI Miami. She was one tough nut on both shows. Hot, hot, hot.


Portia De Rossi. She was on Ally Mc Beal. I loved that show too. She actually was my girlfriend. I dumped her because she is to tall for me. That’s why a google search will reveal no photos of us. I wouldn’t allow it. Ellen apparently doesn’t have the same height issues as I do. They seem pretty happy together and I’m glad because Portia is really nice and Ellen deserves that after her last nut job girlfriend..


Sarah Shahi. She was on the L Word. She was dating Shane who is such a dumb whore. Shane cheated on her and she took off. I was so sad she was off the show. In real life she said that she “dabbled” in women. Obviously she didn’t dabble with me or she would be a card carrying member*.


Lauren Graham. I used to love her until I saw her on Ellen. She did not stop talking. I don’t think Ellen even got to ask her a question. She made my head spin and I had to shut off the tv. Shut up already!

 All these ladies have something in common besides their hotness. Care to take a guess?

 On to baseball. Pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers today! Life is good! The first spring training game is in 14 days. I can’t wait. Did I mention I love baseball? In keeping with the hot people theme of the day, here are some hot Sox guys. I have to say that we have probably the ugliest team in baseball. At least their bats are hot which is all I really care about.


 Tito is kinda cute with his bald head, Theo is cute because he is such a genius.


My friend Boss thinks Beckett is hot. From this picture it looks like he ate junk food for the entire off season.


 This one is for Chili, Mike is her favorite. He’s alright I guess. Last but not least…

tina.jpg  Tina! Ok, she doesn’t technically play for the Sox but she does do some interviews and stuff. Come on, you know I had to end with a chick! I took this photo at the rally after we won the world series. She was trying to call me. She was looking all over for me but she just didn’t see me. I was to busy taking her picture to realize my pocket was ringing.. Oh well.

*We don’t really get ID cards.

Photo Credit: Angie, Emily, Portia, Sarah, Lauren, Theo and Tito, Josh, Mike

Stop the press!

5 02 2008

I HAVE HIVES! I have had NO chocolate today. Against the advice of my PA student friend, MST, I am having a small piece of chocolate. She says I should give it another day or two. I say she’s a dumb college kid! Really, she’s pretty smaht, but I think she is wrong in this case. I need a small chocolate snack. Just one piece.

In other news, I talked to the PO today. Remember how I said I didn’t think she was on my team? Not so sure now. Here is the conversation we had after discussing how both of the clients we have in common are now back in the clink;

Auntie: “Well, I guess I won’t be talking to you for awhile.”

PO: “Oh no! You can call me ANY time!”

Auntie: “OK, how about we get together for lunch?”

PO: “That would be great!”

Auntie: “I’ll give you a call when I’m in town.”

PO: “OK, sounds good!”

Now I thought about this for a bit and decided she was just being nice. Who doesn’t like to go to lunch? Then I talked to my friend Boss. Boss is very straight. She said that if it were her, she would have said no to lunch or made it very clear that it was as friends. “Auntie,” she said “it’s not like people can’t tell you’re a lesbian.” I told her I didn’t want to read too much in to her accepting my offer. She said I wasn’t reading enough in to it.

What do ya think?

True Love

12 01 2008

 So, SLM1’s birthday is this week. SLM2 is taking her up north to a resort to celebrate. Apparently this place is great and has a really nice spa. Just the thing a hardworking lipstick lesbo mom of two would like for her birthday. I thought it was a really nice gift for SLM2 to get her wife. The other day while I was driving I was thinking about just how nice a gift it was when it hit me. The big game is Saturday! SLM2 will be missing the game in order to insure that her wife has a fantastic birthday! I started freaking out and I immediately picked up the phone and called SLM2. I got her voice-mail and left a message that went something like this; ” OH MY GOD! It just occurred to me that you will be away for the game! What are you going to do?!! You must REALLY love your wife to be doing this! I have a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for you and I hope to be so in love someday that I would be willing to miss a playoff game for my partner. Do you need me to text you score updates? I would be happy to do that for you. You’re my hero!” She left me this message; ” I know I’m missing the game, it’s ok. She will probably be ok with watching it or checking the score once in awhile. Yes, I really do love my wife.”

 How cool is that? I have said for a long time now that sports on tv are a great date-o-meter. My feeling is if I’m on a date and find myself paying more attention to the tv then to the date, there will be no second date. My hope is to find someone who captures my full attention. It would be a huge bonus if she liked to watch sports too so we could enjoy it together, but in the beginning, I want to focus on her, not the baseball/football. I have caught myself eyeing the tv while on a date and I really try to bring my attention back to the person I am with. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. If I’m not feeling the love then I’m just not feeling the love..

 Mrs. Ex and I went out to dinner after dating for about a month. The Sox were on so I purposely sat with my back to the tv. After a few minutes some young women sat beside us. Mrs. Ex and I chatted and ate but I just wasn’t there and I knew she knew it and I was hoping she wouldn’t figure out why. She kept looking at the women at the table beside us then at me. As we were getting ready to leave, she turned around. My spot was blown. ” You have been watching the game in the mirror this whole time! I thought you were checking out the girls next to us!” My reply; “While on a date with you! That would be rude!”

 Big Papi hit a monster home-run that game. Do you have any idea how hard it was not to react to that?

What’s a girl to do?

6 01 2008

There is this really nice and very attractive woman who works at the courthouse that I go to about once a week. She is a probation officer for a couple of my clients, so I see her or talk to her on a fairly regular basis.  She is the kind of woman I am typically attracted to; she has long hair, she doesn’t wear a lot, if any, make-up and she wears casual clothes. You know, nice but not too fancy. Anyway, she seems down to earth and smart. What I really like about her is that she doesn’t pull a power trip with her probationers. She has a genuineness about her that is really cool.

 My problem is this; I’m not quiet sure she’s “family”. That’s the problem with the woman I am attracted to. Unless they’re in a gay bar or P-town or something, you never can really tell what team they play for.  Friday must have been dress down Friday. She had on jeans, an  LL Bean ski coat and hiking boots. There you have it! She must be a lesbian! Not so fast readers, she also has long nails.  I do  know plenty of lipstick lesbos with long nails but it’s really throwing me off. Also, I have straight girlfriends who wear jeans and hiking boots. Ugh. So, if I call her up and ask her to coffee or something and she is NOT on my team, I risk embarrassing her and then our working relationship could be uncomfortable.  And let’s say she is a lesbian. Is it crossing professional boundaries for me to ask her out anyway? I don’t really think so since she works for the state and I work for a private non-profit. And let’s assume that she is playing on my team and she does want to go out with me. We would never be able to talk about the clients we have in common. That would be difficult. Not impossible though.

 I’ll see her in court next Monday, perhaps I will try to get more information then. Any advice would be helpful.

Happy New Years Eve!

31 12 2007


 Me and the peeps are heading to a cozy coastal town to bring in the New Year. There will be much eating, drinking, drag queen watching, scary bull dyke avoiding, lipstick lesbian staring admiring, hopefully harmless flirting (“Sorry, I didn’t know she was with you”), bad white girl dancing and lots of other fun things. There will be no driving. We rented rooms. Safety first.

 The roommates mom gave me a travel journal for Christmas. Oh what fun this is going to be! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?! Now I will have a written history of the ridiculousness and dyke/lipstick lesbo drama! So much for “What happens in P-town stays in P-town” !

 Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year! Please be safe.