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14 10 2009

I have been thinking for a while now that I am going to start posting some of the funny shit I hear. I hear a lot of funny shit. One can’t work with the population that I do without running into some characters who say things that either make me ’bout pee my pants laughing or look at them and wonder what the farg they were thinking. The following falls into the “what the farg were you thinking” category;

“You might want to check in on her every once in a while and make sure she is still breathing.”



Really? How is it possible that you hold the position you do?

Did I mention this was said to an intern? The poor thing was probably ready to lose her lunch.

I don’t know, but I would think that if you are concerned the client will stop breathing, don’t ya think it might be a good idea to maybe send her to the hospital?!


But what do I know? I’m just a lowly counselor.

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6 06 2008

 This man

owes this man


 Manny apparently slapped Youk in the face while they were in the dugout. No word as to what prompted Manny to act like a baby. This after Coco got hit by a pitch and charged the mound. A fight, obviously, broke out. This is what I hate about baseball. Grow up and play ball.

 I am going to  tonight’s game. I really hope they can act like grownups. 


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Happy New Year!

1 01 2008

 Last night/this mornings festivities were pretty fun and for the most part, drama free. We had dinner, saw a comedian, danced and did some people watching.

 The comedian was pretty funny. He sat at at a piano, told some jokes and sang some songs. Had a game where he changed the last word of any three word (or more) song, tv show or movie to the word cu*t. For example, “My three cu*ts”, “Fried Green cu*ts”, “The wizard of cu*t”. Go ahead, think of some! It’s kinda fun in a gross way. He also did a great job of making fun of the people in the audience, especially the lesbians.  We were totally out numbered all night, kind of a bummer..

 Me and my friend spent about 15 minuets watching a very drunk gay man nearly fall down. Thank God there was a pole in the room. It was probably the only reason he stayed upright. He had his arm around it and he kept swaying to and fro and a couple of times he spun around the pole. We were laughing pretty hard. Also, aforementioned friend observed some guy fall down a flight of stairs*.  At 9:30! Dude, pace yourself! She said two other people needed to be helped down the stairs. Ugh, I bet they feel like ass today. I do not feel like ass today. I only had a few beers. Not enough sleep though.

 Towards the end of the night, the drag queen host announced that she had coke for sale at a good price. I could not believe my ears. My friend asked, ” Did she say what I think she said?” I said, “Yes she did and we should get out of here before the place gets raided and we all get arrested.”  Nice, huh? We left shortly after.

 I hope you had a nice night!

*He was unharmed.