I’m Sorry This Is Late, My Friend

5 04 2009

 Yesterday was MST’s birthday. 


 My peep turned 41! She doesn’t look a day over 35. Really, she doesn’t! In addition to looking great, she is an amazing person. Her kindness and her concern for others astounds me. One of the things I love best about her is that when she asks how I am doing, she really wants to know. She creates such an atmosphere of safety and comfort that I find myself talking about things that I didn’t even know were on my mind. MST is also very smart, funny, and a ton of fun to be around! I really wish we could spend more time with each other because when I am with her, I have such a great time.

 Last night was her birthday dinner, which I missed. I kinda had a feeling that was going to happen because I had school. In addition to not getting out of class in time to make the hour plus drive, I also had to read 14 handouts (which was assigned to us last night!) and write a short paper for this mornings class. I am sorry I missed it, honey. I will make it up to you.


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Department Of Redundancy Department

29 01 2009

I am starting to feel like the school Gods do not want me to go to school. Once again, they effed up my registration. Once again, they said I was not registered.

Hello Students,
I have recently been informed that a number of you have experienced issues with your course registration. If those of you who are experiencing this problem could identify yourselves so I can get an idea of how widespread this has become, I would appreciate it. I’m currently working with the Registrar’s Office to shed some light on why this problem has arisen, but for your convenience, I have attached a registration form for those of you who may need to re-register; you can either mail or fax it straight to me. Thank you for your patience!
Student Care Lady

Tell me, if you wouldn’t mind, how it would be convenient for me to register again!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you.

Hi Student Care Lady, I don’t think I am having problems with my registration. Site Coordinator Lady usually takes care of that. However, Professional Ethics does not appear on the my University web page. Does that mean I am not registered?
Thank you.

Professional Ethics is my next class. You know, the one I am already registered for!

There I go again.

This does mean that you are not currently registered for two of your newest courses. I have sent out new registration forms to everyone to be filled out while this is sorted. We apologize for the inconvenience!

So I called the registrar’s office and spoke to the same man I spoke to the last time this happened. I told him that I had a copy of my registration for the spring and if he would like, I could scan it and email it to him right away. He told me that would be fine. Then I told him he would be hearing from me the week after I submit my registration so I am sure that I really am registered.

Because, you know, I register when I am supposed to but I am going to REALLY register for real the next time. The first time is just for fun. A rough draft, if you will.

I Should Be Writing A Paper

25 01 2009

 But instead I am writing a blog post. The whole thing started when I decided to call Chili and thank her again for the printer she gave me as a Christmas gift. I told her that it is really nice that I can do my research on my laptop in the living room, find something relevant, hit the print button, and never have to get up from the comfortable living room chair. If only I had someone to retrieve the paper from the printer. Yet another good reason to have kids!

 Anyway, when I was done talking to Chili, the phone got passed to Punkin. It seems there is a lot going on at the Chili household today. While Mr. Chili was removing the ice dam from the roof, the Chili children were building a snow fort in the snowbank created by the man who plowed while they were away. I could not help but to bring up some safety issues with snow forts. My young niece listened patiently while I lectured her.

 After that, the conversation turned to fairies. It seems that there are lots of them in the neighborhood. Wait, let me clarify! These kind of fairies;


 NOT these kind of fairies;


Most fairies are found in gardens whereas some are indigenous to the streets of P-town.

So, my question to Punkin was where do the fairies go in the winter? Florida?

“No, they go to the Bahamas.”

 Of course they do! How silly of me!

 Somehow we then started talking about a movie they watched yesterday called Igor. She told me all about this movie. She went on and on and on and on  about this movie. I am troubled by the fact that there is a suicidal rabbit in the movie.

“Wait a minuet! Is this a kids movie?”

“Yes, but don’t worry, the rabbit can’t die.”

Oh. Well that makes me feel better.

 Next the phone gets passed to Beaner.


“Hey Bean! Whatcha doin’?”

“Oh hi Auntie! I’m reading Real Simple magazine.”


“How old are you?”

“Um? Nine?”

“Ok, just checking. What are you reading about?”

“I am reading a feature called ‘Road Test’.”

“Road Test? What are they testing?”

“Swim suits, hummus, self-tanners, and make-up mirrors.”

 It may not be very funny to you, but for me, hearing my nine year old niece tell me she was reading about swim suits, hummus, self-tanners, and make-up mirrors was fucking hysterical.  I tried to talk but I couldn’t stop laughing. Tears were streaming down my face. When I finally pulled myself together I asked her what else she had read.

“Advice your doctor won’t give you.” 

“Really! Like what?”

“To much lemon is bad for your teeth. It eats at the enamel.”

 Good to know. Isn’t my family great!


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I Can’t Think Of A Title For This Post

7 12 2008

 I am guessing you don’t give a crap if I even have a title. Do you? 

 A lot of things have happened since my last POST post last week. It was nice to having a break from blogging and now I am back to writing whenever the hell I feel like it. 

  •  First, I am going to tell you another true story. Again, I swear I can’t make this stuff up. Anyway, I am talking to this woman about her job and here is what she says;

“You know that woman who works here part time?’

“Yeah, she seems really nice.”

“She is but God love her, she is as dumb as a POST!”

 I wish we had that conversation last week.

  •  Hey Chili? When did wordpress go and change the format of the dashboard? Chili? Hey Chili! Put the damn iphone down and answer my question!


 Speaking of Chili, last night I roasted a chicken but I couldn’t remember what side went up so I took a picture of it and emailed it to her.


 When I called her back she said ” Yeah. Flip it over.” It came out yummy. Thanks Chili.

  •  It’s that time of year again. Did you notice the snow? It’s snowing outside too. Just a dusting but still it’s fun. Me and the Room-Mate went out to get our Christmas tree today. She promised me last year we could go cut one this year. Then she said there were some nice ones at the plaza up the road. I really did not want to get a lot tree. I really enjoy walking around the tree farm with a hot cup of apple cider then cutting it down myself. I didn’t argue because I have a ton of school stuff to do. We were gone less than a half hour.


 The back is totally flat but who cares. We will decorate it tonight. Oh, can someone please remind me to wipe the lens of my iphone before I take pictures? Thanks.

  •  Mr. Security really liked being on my blog. I think he will need to make regular appearence from now on.  Anyway, hear he is checking himself out on the net. 


 Peace out peeps. I gotta get back to writing my paper so I can watch the Pat’s at four.

I’m Official

15 11 2008


This is for Mr. Falcon. It has nothing to do with my POST

This is for Mr. Falcon. It has nothing to do with my POST



 Like I said yesterday, this a school weekend for me. For those of you who don’t know, I am enrolled in a adult learning cohort. We meet one weekend a month, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I love the format and I love that I go to school with grown ups. 

 You may or may not remember that when I started this program two months ago, I was told to show up even though I wasn’t officially accepted. Since then, I have made phone calls and sent emails to do what I needed to do to complete my application. Most of my calls and emails went unanswered. What. The. Fuck. Class meets off campus but this week we were to meet at the library of the University. Since I was on campus anyway, I decided I was going to march my ass in the admissions office and speak with the woman who had been  ignoring me. Wouldn’t you know, as I was pulling in, she called me to say I had officially been accepted. It’s about time. I gave her the things she asked for three weeks ago. I am not the only who had problems with admissions, most of my classmates are dealing with crap from them too. 

 My plan is to finish this program and go directly into the Masters program. Last year when I was thinking about what I wanted to do, I thought that maybe I might like to go on to get my Ph.D. I’m going to cross that bridge when I come to it but Dr. Auntie might be in my future. If it comes to that, I have already found a web site that will help me find a job.




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I Have School This Weekend

14 11 2008




I don’t go to POST University but it looks nice. Plus it is in Connecticut which, as I am sure you know is one of three  two states where gay and lesbian people can get married. I don’t think this school is very popular because there are very few pictures of it.

 Have you ever heard of POST University before today?

Ten Things Tuesday

14 10 2008

All I have is randomness people. Sorry. I am working on something for next week though.

1. I finally got a library card today. The truth is, I haven’t been to the library in at least 10 years. I would rather own books. I am not sure why that is. Sometimes I like to re-read them but I usually don’t. Anyway, with the economy in the shitter, I decided one of the ways I can save a few bucks is by going to the library instead of buying all those books.

2. My library is connected to 12 other libraries in the state. Unfortunately, only one is nearby. They will send books over for you though. I ordered one that I need for class. Super cool and saving me 20 bucks!

3. Me and the peeps went to Spooky World on Sunday. It was fun but we didn’t have enough time to ride all the rides we wanted. They sold these flashing necklaces that kept the ghosts and goblins away. No, really. If you wore one the dudes walking around in costume would know not to try and scare you. Anyway, Boy1 got one and I told him I was scared so I was going to stick close to him. Well, we went on this “scary” hunted ride and wouldn’t you know, he insisted on sitting with me and he held that thing up in the air the whole time! My hero!

4. Back to books for a second. I got the second of three that I needed for class on Sunday. It is called Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure by Dorothy Allison. It was a short one, only 94 pages but it was really good. It was one of those books that as soon as it was in my hands, I knew something in it would resonate with me. Page 3 “Two or three thing I know for sure, and one of them is what it means to have no loved version of your life but the one you make.”

5. Me and The Room-Mate got pumpkins on Sunday. Two years ago (before I lived with her) she hosted a pumpkin carving party. Ma came up after we were done and judged them. Mine came in last. This year, I am using my Dremel to carve it. Power tools baby! I’ll post pictures.

6. Lets go Red Sox!

7. Mr. Chili and I had a text fest last night while watching the game. The Sox got their ass kicked. Already in the bottom of the first it is 3-0 Tampa. I am surprised he hasn’t texted me yet. 

8. I met with my academic adviser this morning. I had some questions she couldn’t answer but she pointed me and the right direction. I really want to make sure I take classes that will cover me for the masters program.

9. Have you seen the Travelers Insurance commercial where the man has the giant red umbrella and he helps all the people? I love that commercial. I think it is cute.

10. Lets go Red Sox!! Sorry kids, I am distracted by the game. I gotta go. Peace!

Bull Sh*t

23 09 2008

 I have been emailing my program advisor. It just occured to me that she puts her degree letters(M.A) after her name. Can someone tell me why  someone would do that?

Me, in 18 months;

Auntie Chili, B.S.

Let’s get more technical;

Auntie Chili, Bull Shitter in (of?) Counseling.

Must. Go. To. Bed. Now!

Week One

20 09 2008

 I started my first class last night. It is just a one credit class called Dimensions of Learning: Introduction to Cohort Learning. I was happy to find out that I was not the only person who was not accepted into the program yet. More than half the class also procrastinated with their registrations!

 The class is a very diverse one. This makes me very happy! We have one man (poor dude) who happens to be one of my co-workers. He said he was really happy to come to class and see a familiar face there. I thought it was nice too. Also, there is a woman who is about my age who works at the program one of my clients is in. This came in handy because I forgot to write a letter on her behalf and asked the woman if I could email the letter to her so she could pass it on to my client on Monday. 

 We have a woman from Slovakia who just became a citizen two days ago. When she mentioned this, the entire class cheered and clapped. Very cool. She already knew that I was a Sox fan ( we had to partner up and ask each other questions. We then shared our partners answers with the class. Of course I mentioned that I love baseball.) so she turned to me and said “I became a citizen at Fenway Park!”

“It doesn’t get any better than that!” Of course I wanted to correct her by telling her it was Fenway Pahk or just The Pahk but I didn’t.

 The class also contains a healthy balance of black and Hispanic people, some people with children, some older than me and a couple who are younger. Oh, and at least one lesbian. Well, two if you count me. 

 I feel like I already got a pretty good sense of who is going to make it and who will drop out. Everyone was really honest about what their fears were about going back to school. The most common seemed to be failing and paying for it. Obviously, paying for it is one of mine. At this point, I know I will pass.

 Speaking of passing, I would like to take a second to again thank everyone who has encouraged me and supported me through this whole school process. Chili, Boss,and  Auntie Teacher, your gentle nudging and encouragement over the years is really why I am finally here. Without you guys, I’m not sure I would have found the courage to do this. I cannot thank you all enough.

 Enough of that, lets move on. I got some really great news last night. First, I don’t have to take math!! I can take a science instead! Thank God. I really do suck at math. Thank you Boss, Mr. Chili, and Punkin for offering to help me with it though. You guys rock! Also, I can get 16 CLEP credits! I never even heard of CLEP until last night!

” Let me make sure I understand. I can go, pay $55-$75 to take a test, than get full credit instead of taking a class?”

“That’s right Auntie!”

 Sign me the hell up! I have no idea which ones I will choose but I will be using all 16 credits. Me being me, I did ask if I could get credit for watching the John Adams mini series on HBO. She said no but if I felt like it was enough to pass the American History class then to go ahead and do it. 

 One of our assignments is to write a paper based on any article we get from the online library and send it to the help people. We have at our disposal a service of online tutors. They read your paper and give you feedback. Of course I already have my own personal paper writing helper in Mrs. Chili. I am going to mail my paper to both and and compare the results. This ought to be good!

 My first real class is Introductory Seminar:Lives in Context. I have no idea what that is about. Wouldn’t you know that the class falls on P-towns Woman’s Weekend. A small sacrifice. I will have my Bachelors in 18 short months. Yippee!!!!

Who Left The Water Running?

18 09 2008

 So? If The Twobluedays are now grandparents to my nieces, does that mean that they are also now my parents? I don’t have parents.

And, Chili left the folowing comment on my blog yesterday;

“PLEASE, if there’s ANYTHING I can do to help you out, just say so.”

Trust me, there is a connection/point I am trying to make.

 I still don’t know how I am going to pay for school. I’m not really worried. I’ll figure it out, I always do.

Gerry and Chili, don’t send money, I am just kidding. If you want to send Puffs Plus, go ahead. It’s not the water that is running, it’s my nose. Sniff.




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