Well Ok Then

1 03 2010

 We have a lot of rain around here in the last week. Perhaps boots might come in more handy.

 Rubber boobs would have been useful in the wind storm we had on Thursday night. If one had rubber boobs and was blown over, one would just bounce back up!


Wonderful Wednesday

17 02 2010

 TG and I were prepared to tie the knot this morning. Then we decided we would have some extra time but we may need to get hitched before August when we had planned. We didn’t want to push up our wedding day but getting married and being all legal was the most important thing to us. Now we get to keep with the original plan.

 Thanks New Hampshire! EDIT: I got ahead of myself but my guess is that if the House won’t define marriage as being between a man and a woman, than they won’t repeal same-sex marriage either. I’ll post another update when I get more info.

 We picked out our rings on Monday in case we were getting married quick like so now we can cross that off the wedding to do list.

EDIT: The above link gives the correct info. In other news,  Adopt a Park was passed by the house. I’m sure the republicans will try to repeal that too because as it stands, gay and lesbians can adopt a park if they so choose.

Spring Has Sprung!

12 02 2010

 For me, anyway. It’s truck day! The official unoffical start of the season.

 Pitchers and catchers in 5 days!

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Bird Brain

11 02 2010

 I took The Girl to a meeting yesterday. She can’t drive, remember? I dropped her off and went to one of my favorite spots to hang out when I am out and about and have some time to spare.  Alliance Park is in Amesbury, Ma along the Merrimack River. If you scroll through my blog, you will find that I have taken a few photos there.

 Anyway, I am sitting in my car watching the ice float up river when I spot what I think are two seals catching a ride on a big chunk of ice. A few years back I spied a seal snoozing on the ice going up river. I happened to catch him on his way back to the ocean a few hours later. Yesterday though, I realized after I got out of my car that these dudes weren’t seals. At first I was bummed but after close inspection I quickly got excited because I was looking at two Eagles!

 Wait. They couldn’t be Eagles. Eagles on the Merrimack River in Amesbury, Ma? They must be Hawks. We have plenty of Hawks around. I see them every day hanging out in the median on I95.  Those are some big ass Hawks. I took a few pictures with my phone than switched to video, hoping one or both would take flight. Wouldn’t you know, one took off.

 Big. Ass. Hawk.

 He circled around a couple of times than flew down river while his buddy/spouse/kid continued to float lazily up river. He let out a call on his way out. He sounded kinda mad.

 Something was nagging at me about it though. They really seemed to big to be Hawks. My drive this afternoon confirmed my suspicion when a Hawk flew right in front of me. A quick google search changed my mind. They were Eagles!

Turns out Eagles live on the Merrimack! I cannot say for sure what species I was looking at, young  Balds or Golden, but for sure they were Eagles.If I had to guess, I would say they were young Balds.  How cool is that!

 Here is a picture. I zoomed as much as I could without it getting to distorted. I really need to start bringing my camera with me all the time..

 Can you see them?

Two Posts, One Day

9 02 2010

 When I finished the last post, I had a conversation with TG that inspired this post. First, a little back story;

 I think Punkin was around four or five when I paid the Chili’s a visit and offered to help with some chores. Punk knew that when Auntie was running the vacuum, she had better have her shit up off the floor. The rule was, if it fits in the vacuum, it’s getting sucked up. If it didn’t fit in the vacuum, I was throwing it out. I sent punk in to her room and said;

 “You better have all your stuff off the floor or it’s gone.”

 The kid knew I meant business so she hurried off to clean up as I started vacuuming the living room, kitchen, down the hall, and the bathroom. As I got closer I called out to her to let her know she better hurry up. I finished the bathroom and turned into her room. In shock, I shut the vacuum off and looked at my niece who was clearly proud of herself.

 “You told me to get my toys off the floor! You didn’t say where I had to put them!”

 Punk had piled all of her shit on her bed. Books, toys, stuffed animals, and clothing.  She was correct. I didn’t tell her to put her things away. Smaht kid.

 “Where do plan on sleeping tonight?”

 “I don’t know.”

 Fast forward to today. I asked TG if she would take care of all the paperwork, bills, magazines, and random crap that has piled on the kitchen table and counter over the past month.( In the interest of full disclosure, some of the crap was mine or stuff  I need to deal with like the notice from the cable company reminding me that I need to get the converter box for the tv in the guest room). I haven’t wanted to touch anything in the piles because she has needed to keep everything handy and I didn’t want to ask her to deal with it (until now) because I didn’t want to stress her out any more than she has been.

 I tend to be a bit of a neat freak and feel like everything has a home and should live in it’s home. She does not feel the same way but typically makes a great, and very much appreciated, effort to keep things tidy. Obviously due to her injury and the need to keep everything easily accessable, I have tried not to be such a type A ass through this whole ordeal.

 When I arrived home from work I immediately noticed that she had cleaned stuff up and thanked her for it. I thanked her again just after I wrote the post below and asked her where I would find our insurance book should I need them.

*Insert silence and sheepish grin here*

Finally she says;

“You said you wanted it out of the kitchen. It’s in a pile. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

 I didn’t ask anymore questions but it’s no wonder TG and Punk get along so well.

What’s up?

9 02 2010

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy. Here is what’s been going on in my world;

  • The Girl is starting to feel better. In fact, this morning was the first morning since her fall that she hasn’t moaned in pain when she woke up.
  • She has started PT. Surgery was ruled out and stupid workman’s comp has agreed to pay for PT. Don’t even ask what she has had to go through with those people. I’m not giving them any air time. All I will say is that if they didn’t drag their dumb asses, she would have been in PT two weeks ago.
  • She is still out of work.
  • She still can’t drive.
  • We have given the library a good workout with all the books and movies we have been taking out.
  • Outings include the aforementioned library, the market (I am soo looking forward to NOT going to the market when she is better!), Target, Bertucci’s, and PT.
  • I have Monday off. We are going to an art museum. And probably Bertucci’s.
  • I only have 6 more days of class until I am done. Can you believe it? I have a TON of work to do between now and May.I should get on that..
  • I also need to send out my Grad School app before March 1st. Gotta get on that too.
  • Work has been busy but good. I am doing my internship at my agency but I am working with the big boss who runs the whole shebang. As a favor to her (she has never taken on an intern) I am running groups until they get full-time staff to do it. I have a ton of experience running groups so I am not learning a thing but I am really enjoying it. My current position doesn’t offer groups so this is a nice change of pace for me. Turns out it is also a great way to get new clients also. Six groups have led to four new clients.

In other news, pitchers and catchers report in 8 short days!

My man Tim Wakefield

The first spring training game happens to fall on the anniversary of our first date. The first game is always a split squad against Boston College and Northeastern U. I absolutely love that college kids get to play against an MLB team. Can you even imagine what a thrill that must be? The BC game is on TV but I won’t be watching. Instead I will be on a date with my lovely future bride. We thought we would re-enact the first and second dates on our anniversary. Coffee and you guessed it, Bertucci’s.

I love that girl more than baseball.

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16 01 2010

The Girl and I were up and out early today. While we were driving and admireing the sunrise, I mentioned that it would be really cool if we got married in the morning. It makes sense. We are both morning people and the morning sky never fails to fill me up and cause me to reflect on all the blessings I have.
She agreed with me. I think we are really going to consider it. Some of our people may be put out by the idea of getting up at the ass crack to be a part of our nuptials but it’s our day and we can do whatever the hell we want.
Alliance Park, 7am.

Tougher Break

11 01 2010

The Girl had her appointment with the Orthopedic Doc today. Turns out that her shoulder isn’t fractured after all.

It’s broken.

The Doc said that there is a piece broken off that still has muscles attached. That is the good news. If the muscle detached, she would have been in worse shape. He ordered a CT scan (which of course needs to be cleared by workers comp first) to determine how far the broken part is from the rest of the bone. If it’s to far away, it will need to be surgically repaired.

At any rate, she is out of work for at least three weeks. She actually just asked me if I thought she was going to go bonkers. I told her yes. Either that or she is going to be sick of me and change her mind about marrying me. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, she got herself a snazzy new sling!

She also got a new Rx that will hopefully work out for her.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. And your offers to do stuff like cook her food and hang out with her.

Breaking News

5 01 2010

Today I had a HIV 101 training in Boston. By 9:00 the trainers had given us outdated and or incorrect information. At 9:30 they gave us a break. My boss, a co-worker, and I walked to the CVS to get cough drops. On the way, we bitched about the training.

Just because one may have pneumonia, that DOES NOT mean one has HIV. Just sayin.

It was good for me because my boss is just as outspoken as me so I didn’t have to open my trap once. The trainers gave bad info and I just waited for my boss to say her piece. It was great!

At around 11:15 my phone rang. It was The Girl.

She NEVER calls me during the work day. Ever. She is not allowed to use her phone at work. Needless to say, it caused alarm for me. I left the room and called her back. She was clearly crying and proceeded to tell me that she had fallen and was being taken to the ER. She thought she had a broken arm.

I went back in, whispered to my boss what had happened, grabbed my coat and left.

I love my boss.

The parking dude gave me directions out of the city (thanks parking dude, you rock!) and I was on my way. Thank you also to GPS/Iphone.

When I reached the hospital, TG’s co-worker was in the lobby. She introduced herself, shook my hand, and pointed me in the direction of TG’s room.

Sorry I was so abrupt, co-worker lady.

The nurse, a nice young man named Chris, said he was waiting for me and that my beloved was in x-ray. The nice elderly volunteer gave me a cup of coffee. The 77-year-old woman who came in just behind me was pissed because “They were going out for Chinese food and they wouldn’t let me go! That’s why I am agitated!”

My boss texted me to see how both TG and I were doing. Again, I love my boss.

Finally TG came back. She was still crying and in a lot of pain. Chris offered her some pain meds. When he came back I asked him if she was getting the shot in her ass. Ouch.

Somehow, Chris and I got to talking about bras. He had to take hers off.

“I can do it with one hand.” He said with a sly smile.

“Me too!”

“I can do up to 5 hooks.”

“Dude, you are awesome!”

5 hooks? Them must some big boobs. He went on to say that he doesn’t really have much sex with his wife anymore. He gave us some tips to keep it fresh. Chris was a nice dude.

When the grumpy doc came back, she said that TG had fractured her shoulder. Chris got her dressed again.

Tough break. (Sorry. I can’t help myself.)

She has got to go to the bone doctor this week. She is in a sling for the next 6 weeks and seems to be feeling better but still in a lot of pain. I got her Rx and ice pack. I’ll be staying home with her tomorrow and maybe Thursday. She is not a happy camper. I told her the good news was that she got me out of that crappy training.

A New Year!

1 01 2010

Happy New Year, peeps!

I don’t make resolutions because I try to set goals for myself throughout the year. This year however, I have decided on a question;

“How will that look in our new house?”

You see, The Girl and I would like to buy a house in the near future. As much as we love living in our current pad, the time will come to move into a home of our own. If the landlord has her way, that won’t be anytime soon. She is a sweet elderly woman and she has come to rely on us to take care of things. Recently she hurt her back so in addition to replacing all the batteries in the smoke detectors, moving lawn furniture in and out of the shed and shoveling the snow off the porch, we have begun to do her food shopping and picking up her prescriptions for her. We don’t mind at all and we are both happy we are here to help her out.

The lady that lived her before us did nothing.

The landlord asked us not to move and honestly, I don’t think we would feel right if we did. As much as I hate to see it happen, I think assisted living is in her near future. Until then, we will stay put.

So back to the question of the year. I have begun to ask both myself and TG this simple question as a way to gauge the necessity of the item we are about to buy. Let me give you an example;

TG: I want to buy myself a new school bag.

Me: What’s wrong with the school bags you have now?

TG: Nothing, I would really just like to have a new one.

Me: How do you think that new school bag will look in our new house?

TG: You know what? The bags I have work just fine! I don’t need a new one!

Easy peasy! This will go for our wedding too. We have no interest in spending a ton of money on a big elaborate affair. It’s not our style anyway…

What do you have in mind for 2010?