Happy Fill In The Blank

4 04 2010

 Today is a big day in these parts. Not only is the weather amazing but it is also..


 MST’s Birthday

 And Opening Day!!!!!!!!!

 Happy, happy, happy!

Photo credit: Easter, Birthday, Opening Day




3 responses

4 04 2010
Mrs. Chili

Chocolate bunnies! Birthday cake! Hot dogs…?!

Happy, happy!!

4 04 2010

Let’s see if Theo’s insistence on defense and pitching over having some pop in the lineup pays off. Here’s hoping…


(I still think the odds are pretty good we make a trade for Adrian Gonzalez by the deadline, btw)

5 04 2010
Laurie B

Baseball, buddies and bad jokes..makes for a perfect weekend! Enjoy the weather!

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