The Trouble With Sports Bras

22 03 2010

I had a conversation with Chili in January of last year. I told her that I had gained five pounds and that I though it was due to all the shoveling I had been doing because you know, muscle weighs more than fat.

My sister usually can see right through my shenanigans but this time, she went along with it.

At my physical last November, the doctor added five more. The nerve! In addition, my cholesterol was up a bit. The good kind was good but still he said I needed to be proactive. I was sure it was my Thyroid that was causing the weight gain.

Not. So. Much.

I was told to lose three pounds in three months and come on back to see him. Since I did NOTHING (except drink one mocha latte a week instead of one or two a DAY. I thought for sure the pounds would just go away…) to lose the weight, I rescheduled last months appointment for this week so I had some time to drop a few pounds.

Don't even talk to me about incline!

When I joined the gym in February, I had put on two more pounds. According to the condescending bitch on WII Fit, my BMI is still normal so things are not so bad. Ask my pants and they will tell you a different story.

So away I go at the gym. The first two weeks were hell but I pushed on. Now I look forward to going and I really enjoy it. Today I ran four miles in 43 minutes. Last week I could only run just over three. Unfortunately my right foot is killing me now which pisses me off because I only have two days left to lose the weight. Ugh! So far I have lost four but since the doc wanted three and I gained two extra I’m still off the mark. WTF!

Do you go the gym? Can you tell me why people try to talk to me while I am running with earphones in? Also, I am wondering why when there are only three people on the twenty or so treadmills, people have to take the one right next to me. And FYI lady, coming to the gym to flirt with the dude that works there really doesn’t count as “going to the gym”. Ask for his number and cancel your membership because you are wasting your money.

In addition to the exercise, I have been eating better. I eat a banana (kizz loves banana’s!) and a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. I never ate breakfast but I am told that it is good for my metabolism. I also am eating lunch every day now. Before working out I could care less about eating. In fact it aggravated me because it meant that I had to stop what I was doing to eat. Now I look forward to eating.

In other news, because I bet you don’t give a shit about my increased girth, T.G. is still out of work. In fact, the new workman’s comp case manager said they didn’t expect her back until the first of May. T.G. didn’t take that so well and is convinced she will be back next week. Not for nothing but she has been saying that since the day of her fall. She is an optimist and I just let her go on thinking whatever she needs to make herself feel better.

In other, other news, Two Blue Day has new digs. Check him out at Dreamtime.

Oh, and the trouble with sports bras is that for them to be effective, they need to be tight. When they are tight, it is really hard to breath . It’s tough to be me.

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22 03 2010

I am so invested in your good health that I hereby bequeath you my share of the world’s bananas. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

22 03 2010
Mrs. Chili

This whole “eating breakfast to lose weight” thing never made any sense to me. I mean, if we eat LESS, don’t we stand a better chance of losing weight?

I do not understand treadmill etiquette (and, just FYI, I can never spell “etiquette” right the first time). I think it’s kind of like what I’ve heard about urinal etiquette; you’re supposed to leave one in between, right?

24 03 2010

Losing weight is difficult.

Thanks for the shout.

Here’s the only diet which works (WARNING: Do Not Do It): Weigh youself, figure what your target weight is, ingest no calories until you hit it.

24 03 2010

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