Well Ok Then

1 03 2010

 We have a lot of rain around here in the last week. Perhaps boots might come in more handy.

 Rubber boobs would have been useful in the wind storm we had on Thursday night. If one had rubber boobs and was blown over, one would just bounce back up!




9 responses

1 03 2010

Probably useful in flooding situations as a flotation device, though. Maybe they’ll sell you boobs and boots so you’re prepared for anything.

1 03 2010

I thought the only place I could legally buy boobs in this country was Nevada? 🙂

1 03 2010
Mrs. Chili

Oh, MY! See? That’s one I’d have to stop in to correct (after I took a picture, of course…)

1 03 2010

1) My first thought was also “floatation device.”
2) Maybe they’re marketing to drag queens?
3) either way…HILARIOUS!!!

3 03 2010

Oh thanks! I needed that full blown laugh today!

9 03 2010

That is funny!

Nice texting with you yesterday (or whenever it was).

15 03 2010

Okay, I hope I’ve gotten squared away. Forget “houseontheborder.”

I’m gonna be me, gerry rosser.


17 03 2010

Of course you can link to me. Screw the radar, full speed ahead!

20 03 2010

And please show my blog as “Dreamtime”

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