Wonderful Wednesday

17 02 2010

 TG and I were prepared to tie the knot this morning. Then we decided we would have some extra time but we may need to get hitched before August when we had planned. We didn’t want to push up our wedding day but getting married and being all legal was the most important thing to us. Now we get to keep with the original plan.

 Thanks New Hampshire! EDIT: I got ahead of myself but my guess is that if the House won’t define marriage as being between a man and a woman, than they won’t repeal same-sex marriage either. I’ll post another update when I get more info.

 We picked out our rings on Monday in case we were getting married quick like so now we can cross that off the wedding to do list.

EDIT: The above link gives the correct info. In other news,  Adopt a Park was passed by the house. I’m sure the republicans will try to repeal that too because as it stands, gay and lesbians can adopt a park if they so choose.




2 responses

17 02 2010
Mrs. Chili

210-109 against killing our gay marriage law AND they refused to change the Constitution to reflect a narrow one-man-one-woman reading of marriage by a vote of 201-135! I’d really like to know who voted FOR these things (and make sure they aren’t voting as MY representatives!) but for now, I’m focusing on the ones who get it!

21 02 2010
Laurie B

Glad you both are prepared to get in under the wire of the law but it’s nice that you can have it your way after all. Our AG (Martha Coakley) just challenged federal law. Let’s see where that goes.

I like Martha a whole bunch more than I like or trust Scott Brown.

Will your wedding gift registry include adopting a park? That would be sweet!

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