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11 02 2010

 I took The Girl to a meeting yesterday. She can’t drive, remember? I dropped her off and went to one of my favorite spots to hang out when I am out and about and have some time to spare.  Alliance Park is in Amesbury, Ma along the Merrimack River. If you scroll through my blog, you will find that I have taken a few photos there.

 Anyway, I am sitting in my car watching the ice float up river when I spot what I think are two seals catching a ride on a big chunk of ice. A few years back I spied a seal snoozing on the ice going up river. I happened to catch him on his way back to the ocean a few hours later. Yesterday though, I realized after I got out of my car that these dudes weren’t seals. At first I was bummed but after close inspection I quickly got excited because I was looking at two Eagles!

 Wait. They couldn’t be Eagles. Eagles on the Merrimack River in Amesbury, Ma? They must be Hawks. We have plenty of Hawks around. I see them every day hanging out in the median on I95.  Those are some big ass Hawks. I took a few pictures with my phone than switched to video, hoping one or both would take flight. Wouldn’t you know, one took off.

 Big. Ass. Hawk.

 He circled around a couple of times than flew down river while his buddy/spouse/kid continued to float lazily up river. He let out a call on his way out. He sounded kinda mad.

 Something was nagging at me about it though. They really seemed to big to be Hawks. My drive this afternoon confirmed my suspicion when a Hawk flew right in front of me. A quick google search changed my mind. They were Eagles!

Turns out Eagles live on the Merrimack! I cannot say for sure what species I was looking at, young  Balds or Golden, but for sure they were Eagles.If I had to guess, I would say they were young Balds.  How cool is that!

 Here is a picture. I zoomed as much as I could without it getting to distorted. I really need to start bringing my camera with me all the time..

 Can you see them?




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11 02 2010

We’ve got eagles in NYC this year, people have been writing about it. I wonder what’s bringing them to these new areas. Or, if they’ve been here all along, what’s making them more visible. Very cool that you saw them.

11 02 2010

My hunch would be young balds. It’s been quite a while since I was into ornithology, but I don’t believe goldens come this far east.

We’ve got a small family of balds in my neck of the woods, too. I spy them at random every so often. It’s pretty cool.

12 02 2010
Mrs. Chili

It just so happens that, as I was listening to NPR yesterday, a story came on to tell us that the bald eagle population is making a comeback in this area. What a coincidence that you’d see some on the very day I heard that news…

13 02 2010
gerry rosser

In that picture, they could be sparrows!

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