Two Posts, One Day

9 02 2010

 When I finished the last post, I had a conversation with TG that inspired this post. First, a little back story;

 I think Punkin was around four or five when I paid the Chili’s a visit and offered to help with some chores. Punk knew that when Auntie was running the vacuum, she had better have her shit up off the floor. The rule was, if it fits in the vacuum, it’s getting sucked up. If it didn’t fit in the vacuum, I was throwing it out. I sent punk in to her room and said;

 “You better have all your stuff off the floor or it’s gone.”

 The kid knew I meant business so she hurried off to clean up as I started vacuuming the living room, kitchen, down the hall, and the bathroom. As I got closer I called out to her to let her know she better hurry up. I finished the bathroom and turned into her room. In shock, I shut the vacuum off and looked at my niece who was clearly proud of herself.

 “You told me to get my toys off the floor! You didn’t say where I had to put them!”

 Punk had piled all of her shit on her bed. Books, toys, stuffed animals, and clothing.  She was correct. I didn’t tell her to put her things away. Smaht kid.

 “Where do plan on sleeping tonight?”

 “I don’t know.”

 Fast forward to today. I asked TG if she would take care of all the paperwork, bills, magazines, and random crap that has piled on the kitchen table and counter over the past month.( In the interest of full disclosure, some of the crap was mine or stuff  I need to deal with like the notice from the cable company reminding me that I need to get the converter box for the tv in the guest room). I haven’t wanted to touch anything in the piles because she has needed to keep everything handy and I didn’t want to ask her to deal with it (until now) because I didn’t want to stress her out any more than she has been.

 I tend to be a bit of a neat freak and feel like everything has a home and should live in it’s home. She does not feel the same way but typically makes a great, and very much appreciated, effort to keep things tidy. Obviously due to her injury and the need to keep everything easily accessable, I have tried not to be such a type A ass through this whole ordeal.

 When I arrived home from work I immediately noticed that she had cleaned stuff up and thanked her for it. I thanked her again just after I wrote the post below and asked her where I would find our insurance book should I need them.

*Insert silence and sheepish grin here*

Finally she says;

“You said you wanted it out of the kitchen. It’s in a pile. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

 I didn’t ask anymore questions but it’s no wonder TG and Punk get along so well.




2 responses

9 02 2010
Mrs. Chili

Heh. Punkin’ is getting even better at “letter, not spirit” of the law. I try very, very hard to keep it in perspective, but sometimes it pushes me dangerously close to the edge…

9 02 2010

At least Punkin was honest about it. As a babysitter once I was told that until the room was clean there would be no TV. I went away, came back and it was all gone. Mom came home and IMMEDIATELY whipped back the bedspread to reveal all the books that had been on the floor neatly spread so as not to make a telltale bump. Oops.

Congratulations on being (almost) done with class!

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