16 01 2010

The Girl and I were up and out early today. While we were driving and admireing the sunrise, I mentioned that it would be really cool if we got married in the morning. It makes sense. We are both morning people and the morning sky never fails to fill me up and cause me to reflect on all the blessings I have.
She agreed with me. I think we are really going to consider it. Some of our people may be put out by the idea of getting up at the ass crack to be a part of our nuptials but it’s our day and we can do whatever the hell we want.
Alliance Park, 7am.




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16 01 2010
Laurie B

Good for you! I don’t often see it these days but for several years I was at work for sunrise. It is a beautiful time of day. Your people will show up for you, any time of day.

16 01 2010

Will the dress code be PJs?

16 01 2010

No matter what time of day we have it, we don’t care what people wear. I told TG that she should wear flip flops because she loves them.

16 01 2010
Mrs. Chili

I don’t care what time it is; I’ll totally be there.

16 01 2010
Laurie B

See, told ya’ they’d be there! Breakfast with lots of coffee after the ceremony? Nice. Whenever it happens have it your way, it’ll be a great day.

18 01 2010
gerry rosser

Is it going to be during the time I’m in Cape Cod, so’s I don’t have to fly up there, but can drive over?

I volunteer to take pictures.

19 01 2010
Laurie B

Gerry, Summer sunrises are friggen early here, bring a flash drive.

Auntie, we know the time, have a date? Sunrise can be at 5:15 at the beach.

On other fronts, we heard the engagement story from Mrs. Chili, heard some “miss that or miss other” from you but am curious, have we heard about how you met TG and when you each knew what this meant?

Tell me to shut up if I’m too curious.

29 01 2010
Laurie B

Hope that TG is recovering well. Nothing like stress to solidify a relationship!

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