Tougher Break

11 01 2010

The Girl had her appointment with the Orthopedic Doc today. Turns out that her shoulder isn’t fractured after all.

It’s broken.

The Doc said that there is a piece broken off that still has muscles attached. That is the good news. If the muscle detached, she would have been in worse shape. He ordered a CT scan (which of course needs to be cleared by workers comp first) to determine how far the broken part is from the rest of the bone. If it’s to far away, it will need to be surgically repaired.

At any rate, she is out of work for at least three weeks. She actually just asked me if I thought she was going to go bonkers. I told her yes. Either that or she is going to be sick of me and change her mind about marrying me. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, she got herself a snazzy new sling!

She also got a new Rx that will hopefully work out for her.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. And your offers to do stuff like cook her food and hang out with her.




6 responses

12 01 2010
Mrs. Chili

I’m not kidding; I’ve got a literal library of DVDs (and she’s already drooled over my library of books) that I’m more than happy to share. If there’s anything we (I) can do, just say the word and it’s yours.

I love you both.

12 01 2010

She’s going to learn to be one handed pretty quick I’m guessing, to stave off the bonkers. Sorry about the tough break, hope there’s no surgery required.

12 01 2010

Bonkers it is!

Actually, she may be a better temporary invalid than I think I would be.

12 01 2010

She’s not going to go bonkers…she already IS! She’s marrying you, isn’t she??
Hardy har har…just kiddin!
Ugh…so sorry TG is going through this. I hope she knows she can call me if she feels “bonkers” and needs someone to drive her, say, to church 😉 Seriously, though…I’m a phone call away.

12 01 2010
Laurie B

As my friend Cibdy would say “Poor Boo”, sorry for this news TG and Auntie.

I feel for you both, BEW had a foot surgery and is considering a hand surgery. Cortisone might help with the hand. In any case, not being able to drive sucks. TG might be in that place. Next time let the student hit the snowbank, might knock some sense into them. Special needs or not, everybody learns from experience, and TG does not need another broken shoulder.

I’d be happy to cook and deliver but vegan would be new for me. Can play cribbage and clean house some. You have my email address, just say what you might find helpful and if I can, I will.

We have a pretty nice collection of lesbian fun/fiction we could send along…

As ever, L.

15 01 2010

That stinks. I think I would go bonkers staying home all day! My thoughts are with you!

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