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5 01 2010

Today I had a HIV 101 training in Boston. By 9:00 the trainers had given us outdated and or incorrect information. At 9:30 they gave us a break. My boss, a co-worker, and I walked to the CVS to get cough drops. On the way, we bitched about the training.

Just because one may have pneumonia, that DOES NOT mean one has HIV. Just sayin.

It was good for me because my boss is just as outspoken as me so I didn’t have to open my trap once. The trainers gave bad info and I just waited for my boss to say her piece. It was great!

At around 11:15 my phone rang. It was The Girl.

She NEVER calls me during the work day. Ever. She is not allowed to use her phone at work. Needless to say, it caused alarm for me. I left the room and called her back. She was clearly crying and proceeded to tell me that she had fallen and was being taken to the ER. She thought she had a broken arm.

I went back in, whispered to my boss what had happened, grabbed my coat and left.

I love my boss.

The parking dude gave me directions out of the city (thanks parking dude, you rock!) and I was on my way. Thank you also to GPS/Iphone.

When I reached the hospital, TG’s co-worker was in the lobby. She introduced herself, shook my hand, and pointed me in the direction of TG’s room.

Sorry I was so abrupt, co-worker lady.

The nurse, a nice young man named Chris, said he was waiting for me and that my beloved was in x-ray. The nice elderly volunteer gave me a cup of coffee. The 77-year-old woman who came in just behind me was pissed because “They were going out for Chinese food and they wouldn’t let me go! That’s why I am agitated!”

My boss texted me to see how both TG and I were doing. Again, I love my boss.

Finally TG came back. She was still crying and in a lot of pain. Chris offered her some pain meds. When he came back I asked him if she was getting the shot in her ass. Ouch.

Somehow, Chris and I got to talking about bras. He had to take hers off.

“I can do it with one hand.” He said with a sly smile.

“Me too!”

“I can do up to 5 hooks.”

“Dude, you are awesome!”

5 hooks? Them must some big boobs. He went on to say that he doesn’t really have much sex with his wife anymore. He gave us some tips to keep it fresh. Chris was a nice dude.

When the grumpy doc came back, she said that TG had fractured her shoulder. Chris got her dressed again.

Tough break. (Sorry. I can’t help myself.)

She has got to go to the bone doctor this week. She is in a sling for the next 6 weeks and seems to be feeling better but still in a lot of pain. I got her Rx and ice pack. I’ll be staying home with her tomorrow and maybe Thursday. She is not a happy camper. I told her the good news was that she got me out of that crappy training.




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5 01 2010
Laurie B

So sorry to hear about TG breaking her shoulder. Did she slip on ice or just punch somebody really, really hard?

Hope the pain subsides soon and she can start recovering.

5 01 2010

Thanks Laurie! I left the how she fell part out. She was outside with one of her students. She was holding on to him so he wouldn’t run in to the snowbank. She has no idea who caused the fall. The young man was unhurt.

5 01 2010
Mrs. Chili

I’m SO, SO sorry – for both of you. Anything I can do to make things better? I’m done teaching at 11 tomorrow…

5 01 2010

You can make a lasagna. SLM2’s parents were in a bad car wreck. They are banged up but okay. We were gonna cook for them tonight but now, not so much.

5 01 2010
Organic Mama

Oh my gosh, ouch. Your boss rocks and I am glad to hear TG’s got such a loving fiancee ready to tend to her. I hope she feels relief soon.

5 01 2010

Aw geez. I’m so sorry. As someone who fell and fucked her shit up once I actually feel her pain. Hope you guys have a good, lazy, napping day tomorrow. Sorry I bugged you with my tech questions in the middle of all this but thank you for solving it all!

6 01 2010

You were not bugging me at all! I was watching tv and she was saying “Ouch.” I am always happy to solve tech problems and will usually stop what I am doing to fix broken shit.

7 01 2010

Poor TG. I hate pain.

So, falling down. Long ago, high school era, my pal and I are standing outside the cute brick Carnegie library in our little town. It’s cold, snowy, icy. We are discussing what devilment to get into. Standing. Stock. Still. My feet slid out from under me and I fell down. He’s been laughing about this. For decades.

Anyway, feel better TG.

11 01 2010

For some reason, this comment was not sent to my email. Just got it today, Monday the 11th. Weird. Anyway, that’s a funny ass story! Thanks for the laugh!

7 01 2010

Ooh, I hope she heals quickly! I’m sure you’ll take great care of her, but I’ll send some positive vibes anyway.

8 01 2010

I hope she heals quickly. I am glad you have an awesome boss that lets you leave and checks up on you.

8 01 2010
Laurie B

How are you both doing? TG in less pain or more pain? Could you use a meal or three? If you’re that far from your sister, you’re closer to here. Let me know, I’ll be cooking up a storm of stuff this weekend in any case.

We have a very intricate ice pack that BEW used years ago after a foot surgery. It actually unfolds out to be about a 1.5′ X 2′ flat ice pack, might be perfect for a shoulder inflammation. Will lend if TG could use that much cold surface on her shoulder bones.

11 01 2010

Thanks Laurie. We are good on food and ice but that is SOOO kind of you!

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