Tell Karen I Said Hello

10 12 2009

Last night after class I went to San Fransisco with the dude from Chicago. We had a blast but this is not what this post is about. As we are walking, we are talking about one of the trainers. He is a super nice guy and a great trainer. The thing is though is that I have been racking my brain trying to figure out if I did indeed know him. Remember when I said the other day that he thought he had met me before? Well I have been talking to him on breaks and it turns out he has family back east. Maybe I did meet him somewhere? P-town perhaps?

So anyway, as we are walking, my new friend says;

” Me and the guy I sit next to have been laughing the whole time. He is Jack McFarland.”

I pretty much lost my shit right there in the street I was laughing so hard. It’s true. You put 30 pounds on Jack and he and the trainer are the same effing person.

This guy has had me laughing the whole time. I just hope I don’t accidentally call him Jack today.