Whatcha Doin Auntie?

9 12 2009

Not much.
Last night after my class, I went back to my room, tried to order in, was unhappy with my options, and ventured out in search of chow. I ended up with pasta that was pretty yummy. I was sleeping by 7:30.

This morning I was up at 3:30. I talked to The Girl, who left for work at an even more ungodly hour than usual due to the snow. Then I just waited for something to open so I could get some Joe. The hotel has coffee and hot water out at 5 so I made myself a Via.
Now I am at Starbucks, hanging with the locals, giving you a play by play because I am bored. Soon when the coffee kicks in I will go back to my room and do some school work.
The following are some of my observations so far:
– People are dressed like it’s -10 out. It was 50 yesterday. Wimps.
– The locals are telling me they are sorry about the “cold” weather while I am here. When I told them about the snow back home, their mouths fall open. I tell them it’s just a dusting.
– I just realized I forgot to brush my teeth.
– Shit closes early and opens late around here. What’s up with that?
– Aside from one dude from Chicago, everyone else in my class is from the area. I’m going to ask Mr. Dude if he wants to hang out tonight.
– I asked the lovely woman sitting next to me in class what I should do while I am in town.
“Go to San Fancisco.”
I think it’s safe to assume she does not work for the Oakland welcoming center.
That’s all for now. I’m going to spend a few observing the locals before I go back to my room.



5 responses

9 12 2009

Man, I didn’t give you much to go on but I gave you more than that lady.

I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how early you’d wind up awake in that time zone.

9 12 2009

To do: Ride the BART to the Rockridge station, get off, and wander the neighborhood – you’ll enjoy it! Linger in the Pendragon Bookstore, and eat some pizza at Zachary’s. Good neighborhood with a nice mix of places to check out. Plenty of “family” around, too. šŸ™‚ Have fun!

9 12 2009
Mrs. Chili

I have NO advice; I’ve never been in that part of the world (though Mr. Chili did call this morning and offer some Zip car options…).

I love observing the locals. Have fun!

9 12 2009
Laurie B

Ask the folks at the front desk, they’ll give you their list of hot spots and what they’d be doing if they were visitors. We’ve gotten lots of good advice that way. Hope you are enjoying Oakland but I know that you are missing being home. Hang in there, you’ll be home soon.

10 12 2009

I used to be in SF fairly frequently (old lady friend story). I enjoyed it a lot, but by now most of the places have certainly changed.

I think I’ve related that I did meet Alan Shepard at the Buena Vista, and since he and his lady and I were the only ones there, we spent most of an afternoon drinking Irish coffee (the house speciality) and gabbing.

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