Whatcha Doin Auntie?

9 12 2009

Not much.
Last night after my class, I went back to my room, tried to order in, was unhappy with my options, and ventured out in search of chow. I ended up with pasta that was pretty yummy. I was sleeping by 7:30.

This morning I was up at 3:30. I talked to The Girl, who left for work at an even more ungodly hour than usual due to the snow. Then I just waited for something to open so I could get some Joe. The hotel has coffee and hot water out at 5 so I made myself a Via.
Now I am at Starbucks, hanging with the locals, giving you a play by play because I am bored. Soon when the coffee kicks in I will go back to my room and do some school work.
The following are some of my observations so far:
– People are dressed like it’s -10 out. It was 50 yesterday. Wimps.
– The locals are telling me they are sorry about the “cold” weather while I am here. When I told them about the snow back home, their mouths fall open. I tell them it’s just a dusting.
– I just realized I forgot to brush my teeth.
– Shit closes early and opens late around here. What’s up with that?
– Aside from one dude from Chicago, everyone else in my class is from the area. I’m going to ask Mr. Dude if he wants to hang out tonight.
– I asked the lovely woman sitting next to me in class what I should do while I am in town.
“Go to San Fancisco.”
I think it’s safe to assume she does not work for the Oakland welcoming center.
That’s all for now. I’m going to spend a few observing the locals before I go back to my room.