Ten Things Monday

7 12 2009

I’m leaving town for a bit. I have to go to Oakland for a training. Not really looking forward to it. Blah. I’m sure I’ll post from there but for now here are ten thingies on a Monday. I march to my own drummer.

1. I had class this past weekend. I like the teacher. She kind of reminds me of my seester. She seems to have the magical teaching format down. Good lectures, plenty of resources, knows when we need a break ( and gives them to us!), relevent anecdotal stories, humor, never condescending (Even when people say really stupid shit. Although I don’t think I am ever condescending, I know that when someone says something dumb my facial expression shows what I am thinking. I need to work on that.), and realistic in the expectations she has for us. She is very engaging. Not once did I get bored and feel the need to check my email.

2. After class yesterday, The Girl and I went out to find a Christmas tree. I think we picked the 3rd one we looked at.

3. The Girl was rather surprised by how many sports themed decorations I own.

4. The Girl has never had a real tree! Would you please call her and remind her to water ours while I am away?

5. The Girl never turns on the heat. I once came home to find her on the couch with 5 shirts, fleece pants, 2 pairs of socks, and a knit hat on. Oh and she was wrapped in a blanket. When I asked her why she didn’t turn up the heat, she said that her mother always told her and her sisters to put on a sweater. I told her that I was not her mother and I didn’t care if she turned the heat up. In fact, I would rather she did. Not to 80 or something silly but enough to be comfy. Could you please call her and make sure she is not frozen to death?

6. I always clean the house before I go on a trip. For some reason, I just can’t leave without cleaning.

7. The high temp in Oakland while I am there is only going to be 52. Blah!

8. It’s going to snow here though so I guess I should shut my pie hole.

9. Have you tried Starbucks Via? It’s pretty good. Better than Dunks. I am bringing some with me because hotel coffee sucks.

10. I am planning on watching Monday Night Football on the plane. This will be the first time I have ever watched an entire Monday night game. At home, I fall asleep. Planes? Not so much. I have no idea who is playing.