I’m Thankful For…

26 11 2009
  • My family. They kick ass.
  • The Girl and her understanding and tolerance of my bad behavior when I am woken up. Apparently I fell asleep on the couch last night and threw a temper tantrum when she sent me off to bed. I do not remember giving her the stank eye nor do I remember slapping my hand on the couch. I also have no recollection of kneeing her twice when she came to bed. Sorry Luv Muffin.
  • Boss for sharing her stuffed mushroom recipe with me. Also for talking me through it for two days and being available for phone support while I cooked them. It is important to remember that I usually only cook outdoors. Cooking inside gives me anxiety. Multiply that by a gazillion when The Girls sister asked us to bring appetizers.  My first holiday with her family and she wants us to bring apps! Ugh. I feel pretty good about the mushrooms though and I think they will be a hit.
  • My boss for getting creative with our hours. She assigned “8 hours”(wink, wink) of homework for us due this Monday.  That means we don’t have to use vacation time for taking Friday off.
  • Coffee. I am thankful for coffee every single day.
  • Being a two computer family. I started this post on my laptop which is a PC. For some reason I have been having issues saving and publishing posts. I had to finish this post on The Girls Mac. Anyone have any ideas on what the farg is going on?
  • For people who send me funny emails when they know I am having a bad day; http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/phNnEYYLBK1AkC8GvyUP

I hope some,(okay, at least one of them) of my blog peeps are thankful that I didn’t mention how I really feel about Thanksgiving.

Here is hoping you have a happy, safe, and drama free turkey day!

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3 responses

26 11 2009
Mrs. Chili

I’m thankful for a lot of stuff, too, and you and The Girl are pretty high on the list.

I love you.

26 11 2009

I don’t often play the Thankful game, it’s something I have to work on. BUt I am thankful you used the word Family. If you want to know why I am thankful for that you may visit here http://mccgood.wordpress.com/ you may also find out why it’s so hard for me to play the thankful game.

26 11 2009
Laurie B

The family newlyweds hosted all of us, did a great job and probably won the meal for the rest of their lives. So much so that they are keeping my turkey pan, or at least I’ll refuse to take it back.

My Mom turned 75 today and we all got to play with the nearly one year old great grandbaby/grand niece and teach her fun new words. Pretty good day, all in all.

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