Ten Things

17 11 2009

1. I had blood work today.

2. I had to fast for 12 hours.

3. That meant no coffee this morning.

4. Why bother getting out of bed if I can’t drink coffee?

5. I woke at 4:30 and went back to sleep until 6:30

6. Because I went back to sleep, I got an awful headache.

7. Drug my ass out of bed, showered, put two Advil in my pocket, and got in the car.

8. Stopped at Dunks to get a coffee that I planned to drink the second my blood was taken.

9. Lady, don’t fucking ask me any questions. I have not had any coffee. And wipe that condescending look off your face while you are at it. I don’t know what insurance I have nor do I fucking care. I have not had any coffee! And yes, I did move. People move for christ’s sake! Again, remove the condescending look off your face and stop asking me questions!

10. Blood removed, I made a bee-line to my car. Where is my car anyway? Head pounding plus icky belly equals cranky Auntie. It took me a full hour and a half to feel good enough to actually do any work. Lucky for me,  I was the first one in the office. No one saw me with my head on my desk.

Extra credit; The Girl is finally feeling better. I did sleep in the bed with her. So far, so good. MST, the chicken soup was a great idea except I have never in my life made homemade chicken soup and wouldn’t even know where to begin and The Girl is a vegan.




7 responses

17 11 2009
Mrs. Chili

Really, you may want to seriously consider an intervention with the coffee. If it has that great a hold on you, you are no longer its master…

I could totally help you with the chicken soup. Chicken soup for a vegan, though? Not so much. Sorry…

18 11 2009

Zip it Chili. If memory serves, you had a hell of a time coming off the coke (as in cola, not the white stuff) before you started growing Punkin in your oven.

18 11 2009
Laurie B

Perhaps you should have asked for an IV of cold coffee in your other arm.

18 11 2009

Great idea! Actually,my friends premature baby got caffeine through her little iv when she was just a day old. I think it was to encourge her little lungs to grow faster.

18 11 2009

Coffee. It’s become my friend in about 3 short years after a lifetime of not drinking it.

You slept in the same bed! I’m scandalized!

People from Vega don’t eat chicken soup? No Jewish pennicillin?

How come the word “vegetable” has a soft “g”, but those who eat only veggies are “Vegans” with a hard “g?”

18 11 2009

I know! Can you believe we sleep in the same bed before we are married! I swear, all we do is sleep!

People from Vega don’t eat anything with eyes. She is about ready to fall off that wagon though.

Ask Chili, she is the english geek. I could care less.

18 11 2009

oops…I forgot! Or I blocked it cuz I think she’s crazy 🙂

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