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13 11 2009

I think The Girl has the flu. She stayed home from work today and has been in bed ALL day. I called her at 9 and her phone was off.

Her phone is never off.

I called again at 12 and it was still off.

Around 2 I called The Room – mate, who is now the neighbor, to go to the house and check on her. She sent me a text that read; “It took a lot of door bells to rouse her. She looks really sick.”

The Girl called me and said she felt like she had smashed her head on the floor.

We had no pain reliever in the house.

I left work, went to the drug store, bought flu meds, Advil, and a thermometer, and went home.

Her temp was 101.4. I made her drink the nasty flu stuff and a cup of tea.

I had a nice glass of Emergen-C.


I love this stuff

My question to you is this; Do I sleep in the bed with her (she has been drooling on my pillow for hours) and increase my chances of catching it or do I sleep in the guest bedroom tonight? I’m kinda feeling like at this point, it’s not gonna matter where the hell I sleep..

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13 11 2009

As completely unromantic as it might seem I say go with the guest bedroom if only because the only thing worse than both of you sick is both of you sick AT THE SAME TIME. So if sleeping apart delays it for a couple of days then I’d take it.

When I got the flu my friends in the health biz said that high fever or respiratory symptoms were the only reasons to go to a doctor. Just keep that info in your back pocket in case you need it (though you’ve already probably heard that).

13 11 2009
Mrs. Chili

My vote is for “what’s going to give both of you the most comfort.”

If she’s miserable (and roasting) and needs to thrash around in the bed all night, then go sleep in the other room. If she’s pretty much out and settled, then stay where you are (but change your pillow case). Keep in mind that you can make mid-flight course corrections if your first choice turns out to be uncomfortable for either of you.

Tell her I’m sorry she’s feeling bad. Keep taking your vitamins and keep pouring fluids into her. I’ll send as much good healing energy as I can spare.

14 11 2009
Laurie B

Sorry The Girl is sick, I agree with Mrs. Chili, do what keeps you both comfortable. As much as I love BEW, I’ll bail and go to the other room if either of us is that sick. Hope your sweetie feels better soon.

14 11 2009

My vote’s the same as Mrs. Chili’s…you’ve already been exposed to the virus so sleeping together at this point probably won’t put you at any more risk. All you can really do is maintain/boost your immune system…vitamins, especially vitamin C and zinc, can help, but more importantly, eat well, drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep. Change the sheets completely (I’m sure she’s been drooling and just touching more than just the pillow case), wash them (along with towels, etc) in HOT water, spray and/or wipe all doorknobs/faucets/refrigerator door handles, etc with disinfectant, and wash your hands as much as possible.
The same is true for The Girl except that she needs to help her immune system fight the virus and feel better sooner. There are real scientific studies that show that homemade chicken soup actually does help the immune system, so maybe you could whip out the Crock Pot. I’m sorry she’s feeling so sick. The flu is just miserable.

16 11 2009
Laurie B

We’re a little more casual about it, no clorox wipes at home. At work, yes. At home we sometimes sleep in two beds and use the dishwasher for plates and dishes and silverware. We always smooch some, how could we not? We share a germ pool all of the time. It’s mostly about comfortable sleeping. If I’m cold, I want her warmth, If I’m feverish, she wants the coolth of the other bed. As long as nobody perishes, we figure it out.

Hope Your Girl is feeling better and that you’ve figured out what works for you.

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