Not So Much…

4 11 2009


… in Maine.


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4 11 2009

Believe me, I’m not very proud of the state I live in right now… 😦

4 11 2009
Mrs. Chili

Oh, don’t even fucking GET me STARTED right now. I hope the haters are happy. Dumbasses.

It makes me want to cry…

(oh, and I’m stealing your graphic to add to MY bitching about this…)

4 11 2009
Laurie B

Say it, Sister.

Where can I get that bumpersticker, or maybe several dozen of them. I know a lot of good people that would want them and slap them on the back end of the car so fast the glue wouldn’t know what hit it.

Idiocy, that vote. What? All those whacko Maine folks that think their porno dreams would come true if one of us runs off with the wife and lets him/her watch? Want it and fear it at the same time. Sicko’s. That was a vote about their own self hate and not about the love that we, any of us, share.

Good thing they’ve got “organized religion” telling them how to hate instead of love.

Thanks for allowing my little tirade. My clergy friends are all sad tonight, bless them. Me, I’m dumbstruck, how could this be?

5 11 2009

Of course I think the Down Easters got it wrong, along with the citizens of 30 other states.

What is beyond me is how much money is spent, by someone (like the Mormon cult) on this issue. Why would it be so wrong to just let people make up their own minds. I wonder if those from whom money is fleeced by various churches thought maybe the money was going to help the poor or something?

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