Not Ready

16 10 2009

I received the following text message from The Girl at 5:22 am;

“Snowing fucking snowing”

She was on her way to work. I replied;

“It won’t stick.”

“It’s fucking snowing!”

I called her because I thought she was stressed about driving in it.

” I’m not stressed. My friend at Dunks said it has been snowing since 2:30. It’s October 16th!”

It’s to soon for snow, people. To soon.

Happy Friday.



7 responses

16 10 2009
Mrs. Chili




16 10 2009


16 10 2009

Not snowing in PTown…freezing rain with 50mph wind gusts…but still NOT snowing. Maybe you guys should have come down for a couple of days for Women’s Week and spent some time with your friends? TeeHee!!

16 10 2009

it’s expected here tonight. SO. NOT. READY.
oh, well …

17 10 2009

I guess I won’t get much response when I say our heat wave finally broke, and it’s mid-70s for us today, barely 70 tomorrow.

Ah, the travails of climate.

17 10 2009
Laurie B

We mowed the lawn and got the snowblower ready for action. Girl Scouts we were, be prepared was the motto!

19 10 2009
Grammar Snob

Wow. I’m so not ready. I don’t think it broke 90 for more than 5 days here this summer….and now early snow. YUCK!

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