I Have an Awesome Rack

2 08 2009

I gotta be quick here. The Girl is out shopping and I am supposed to be getting ready for a BBQ with her family.

So yesterday we went up to the lake with the Chilis. Mr. Chili was working on a new cross bar system for the top of my car so I could safely transport my kayak. It wasn’t done so I strapped the boat to the roof as best I could. I am not kidding when I say I thought I was going to throw up when we were on the highway. Although I strapped it very tightly, I was afraid something bad would happen and the boat would end up going through someones windshield.

I was stressed, The Girl was stressed. It was not pretty.

The Chilis wanted us to stop at their house. I wanted to go right to the lake and get the damn boat off my car. Did I mention that I scratched the crap out of my roof? I did. Anyway, Mr. Chili calls, tells me I’m impossible, then tells me he will meet me someplace because they have a birthday/Christmas present for me. I agree, thinking that he finished my cross bar. Not. So. Much.

When we get to the house, I am given this;


My dream rack! The best of the best in kayak transport! I still can’t believe it.

Mr. Chili installing the cross bars

Mr. Chili installing the cross bars

He has nice legs! Anyway, the Chilis bought the rack, The Girl bought the cross bars. I still can’t believe it!

Uncle Chili helped too. Punkin made sure they didn't eff it up

Uncle Chili helped too. Punkin made sure they didn't eff it up

Is this a dream?

Loading the boat!

Loading the boat!

The whole rack comes down to the side of the car for easy loading! Please watch this video to see just how cool this rack is! I am so happy! I have the best rack ever! again to the Chilis and The Girl!



7 responses

2 08 2009

Nice post title.

I really don’t have to elaborate, do I? 🙂

2 08 2009

I coulda told you that.

(*This comment fulfills a contractual obligation for banter that we’ve had since we met.)

3 08 2009

Nice rack indeed! I saw it in action, and am now jonesing for a couple of them for my Element!

It was great to see you and meet The Girl. Sorry to run off, but I get hives when I’m away from home too long, and the hanging baskets on the porch don’t do well without water.

4 08 2009
Laurie B

Sweet! Who loves you, Baby? They all do!

8 08 2009
Mrs. Chili


(you do realize you’re getting a tee shirt or a coffee mug or something for Christmas, right? That bad boy constitutes your major gift this year…)

22 09 2009
Laurie B

How’s life going? Treating you kind and well I hope.

Post something, one way or another. I understand work and love, been there, still doing that. Have you used the hullivator much?

Really I’d rather know about life outside of hullivator. Just sayin. Hope you are enjoying life and all that life has to offer.

30 12 2009
What’s In It For Me? « Who does she think she is anyway?

[…] this year. The Girl got me Mario Cart for Wii, a new Swiss Army knife (with a saw!!), locks for my awesome rack, and the only thing I asked for, new socks! The Chili’s got us a DVD player which prompted us […]

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