1 07 2009

I’m back already! Here are some pictures I have taken in the last month or so;

Another Punkin plate

Another Punkin plate

"If it's in stock, we have it"??? That's fucking dumb.

"If it's in stock, we have it"??? That's fucking dumb.

I'll take my dinner to go

I'll take my dinner to go

MST has the best shirts;

Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor

Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor



This last picture has a story. This story is called “Another Reason Why I Love My Girlfriend.”

We decided to buy a LCD TV. I have wanted one for a very long time, I asked her about it and she was all about it. So we go to Best Buy and talked with the dude (who worked for the cable company, not Best Buy) who helped us pick out the right TV for us. He did not try to sell us something we didn’t need or want. In fact, he saved us a couple of hundred bucks by talking me OUT of something. So, away he goes to get our TV. He came back empty handed and tells us it’s out of stock but goes on to say that they have one that has been returned, a “open box” as they call it.  I am skeptical, to say the least. I ask the guy if I can have a look at it, because you know, I am a TV expert and I will be able to tell if there is anything wrong with it by a simple visual inspection. He opens the box, pulls the TV out and tells me that it still has it’s full warranty.

We’ll take it!

The Girl pays for the TV with her card and roll the thing out the car. While walking through the parking lot, I said to The Girl;

“Did we just pay $209 for this TV?”

“I think so. Yes, we did.” While checking the receipt.

“We gotta go back in there.”

“Yes we do!”

Here is the breakdown; The original price was $699. It was on sale for $599. Because we got the “open box” the price was $490 for a total savings of $209. The kid at the register rang us in at the SAVINGS price.

We go back in, explain to the lady what happened who, because she can’t believe we came back, calls the manager to ask him or her if  “there is anything we can do for them because they came back”. They took another $100 off! On top of that we got a rebate from the cable company! Total price for our 37 inch LCD TV: $350.

My girl not hesitating to do the right thing: Priceless.

Hence, the title of my story.

You thought I chose the title because she let me get the TV, didn’t ya?

I can read the score without my glasses on!

I can read the score without my glasses on!

I would like to thank Auntie Teacher for lending me her TV for all these years. I would also like to add that this picture was taken today.

Mr. Chili was at this game!

The Sox won in a extra innings thriller! Unlike last nights game where they blew a 9 run lead and ended up losing 11-10.

The End.




6 responses

1 07 2009
Mrs. Chili

That is a NICE T.V.!! Did you see my Mister?

1 07 2009

Clearly you were meant to have that TV. Congratulations on all of it!

2 07 2009

Nice to see you back!

Awesome TV!

Congrats on the new living arrangements with The Girl!

Is that enough exclamation points?! 🙂

3 07 2009

Nice TV! Superbowl party’s at your house this year!
Not sure how I feel about the close-ups of my rack, though. haha!

4 07 2009
Laurie B

You’re going to love the TV. We bought it for football, watch golf and baseball and our friend C flew out from Chicago to watch Wimbledon tennis at our house. C loves us and visits often but having the BIG tv certainly adds to the lure for her making the trip.

I’m happy for you and The Girl that you’ve made the big move and are nesting up. She sure became a Red Sox Nation member in a hurry!

5 07 2009

My only objection to HD TV is that not enough of the commercials are in HD. Come on, dammit!

Of course commercials won’t be the same anymore. ShamWow Vince got in a punch-up with a hooker, so he’ll doubtless lose his gig, and Billy Mays is now shouting at people in whatever Hell he went to, so he’s lost to us.

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