Nearly Wordless Wednesday

8 04 2009

 The Girl is having a tough day. She had a paper to turn in today and her computer wouldn’t let it go. She’s at school now so I thought I would post a picture of one of her favorite things so she could see it when she got home;


 Yup, my girl loves broccoli! The image above shows it with wasabi sauce, which she also happens to love.


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4 responses

8 04 2009
Mrs. Chili

What, no picture of YOU?!

8 04 2009
The Girl

That was perfect. I was eating broccoli when I got to your blog. You put a smile on my face. Thank you! Truth be told you put a smile on my face quite often.

9 04 2009

Anybody who loves broccoli has a head start in securing my good opinion of them.

11 04 2009
Laurie B

Wasabi on broccoli is brilliant, I’ll give it a try. Something other than plain or with garlic would be nice.

I’ll have to learn all kinds of new recipes for veggies this year. In our effort to eat healthier we’ve joined the local CSA and starting soon we’ll have a lot of garden food to eat.

Hope you’re having a super Saturday.

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