So It Begins

6 04 2009

Happy opening day!

 The Girl just sent me an email; “Hope that this day brings you joy and excitement. I am sending out positive thoughts that the rain does not derail the whole game and that at least a few innings can be played.”

 How sweet of her to think of me like that! I’m thinking that there will not be a game today because of the rain. That’s ok, there will be more. A lot more. I wonder if The  Girl knows just how many games are played in the regular season?

 I don’t think she knows exactly what she has signed up for.




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6 04 2009
The Girl

I have to be honest, I have no clue how many games are played in a regular season. None the less I think I am ready to learn!

6 04 2009

Awww, that’s awesome that you will get to share your baseball joy with The Girl. That’s pretty much what I did last year…Jersey was vaguely familiar with baseball, but definitely not a fan. This year, she and I both counted down to today!

Are you going to be able to go to a game together?

6 04 2009

Each team in Major League Baseball plays 976,322 games every season. They play all day every day. Each game lasts exactly forever, and if you go you have to eat expensive bad food and have beer spilled upon you.

Now I’m just waiting for when Auntie takes me to one of them.

6 04 2009

Close, TBD. There are 162 regular season games plus the all-star game.

I don’t know if The Girl will go to a game with me, Morgan. I bet she would though.

7 04 2009

You know, I really am odd, even/especially to myself.

With people I care nothing about, I don’t care if I insult them.

All the people I care about tolerate my rather strange sense of humor, so I don’t have to worry what I say.

With people I care about, I worry all the time if I’ve said something that insults them.

Anyway, I don’t expect everyone to share my passions, and I don’t expect others to have the same interests as me.

To make up for my potentially insulting comment yesterday, to do penance, I made myself watch the Orioles/Yankees game yesterday on the teevee (well, I did play games on my iPhone the whole time to stay awake).

7 04 2009

Oh, I must admit, I did not force myself to play the Neil Diamond video you posted. The only Neil Diamond I tolerate is/are the covers of one or more of his tunes by the group “Deep Purple.”

7 04 2009

Gerry, I do not tolerate your strange sense of humor, I welcome it!

Don’t waste your time watching the Yankees. I am glad that the got beat by the Birds though!

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