I’m Sorry This Is Late, My Friend

5 04 2009

 Yesterday was MST’s birthday. 


 My peep turned 41! She doesn’t look a day over 35. Really, she doesn’t! In addition to looking great, she is an amazing person. Her kindness and her concern for others astounds me. One of the things I love best about her is that when she asks how I am doing, she really wants to know. She creates such an atmosphere of safety and comfort that I find myself talking about things that I didn’t even know were on my mind. MST is also very smart, funny, and a ton of fun to be around! I really wish we could spend more time with each other because when I am with her, I have such a great time.

 Last night was her birthday dinner, which I missed. I kinda had a feeling that was going to happen because I had school. In addition to not getting out of class in time to make the hour plus drive, I also had to read 14 handouts (which was assigned to us last night!) and write a short paper for this mornings class. I am sorry I missed it, honey. I will make it up to you.


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One response

5 04 2009

Thanks, Auntie…for the birthday wishes and for your sweet words. We’ll hang out soon…OGT T on the 18th?
Love you!

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