Ten Things Tuesday

31 03 2009

Things have been busy. Here are ten random things;

1. I am all moved in! Most everything is put away but the office/guest bedroom is a shit show. I haven’t had time to put it together yet so I just shut the door and pretend that there is no room there at all. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow night. 

2. My couch is in the bedroom. We couldn’t get it around the corner into the living room. Boss and her guy friend are going to come over and we are going to try to bring it in the front door. I think for it to work, we are going to have to lift it over our heads and twist it as we go up. Ugh. 

3. The Girl is spoiling me. She has gotten me all kinds of chocolate goodness, she has cooked for me, she picked up some stuff I needed at Target, and she makes me coffee. Don’t tell her, but even if she didn’t do those things, I was planning on keeping her. She’s pretty awesome.

4. Bean called me the other day to tell me that she was ready to meet The Girl. She still couldn’t identify why she was initially opposed to meeting The Girl though. So, I asked her where she would like to meet up. Her house? My house? A restaurant? “A restaurant!” she said. I think she just wants to eat out..

5. My program at work is ending because the grant is just about over. My boss says we should have enough money to carry us until maybe September. I am bummed because I think it is a great program and it does a lot of good. I have told some of my clients and the probation department. Ms. Probation took it very hard and I thought she was going to cry. 

6. I am not at all worried about being jobless. They will offer me something but whether I take it is another story. I spoke with my clinical supervisor today about what may be available for me. He wants me to be a clinician. I didn’t think I was qualified enough for it but he says I am. Time will tell.

7. I got my hair did today after work. I love getting my hair did!

8. I start my next class, Counseling Theory and Practice, this Friday. I am optimistic that I will learn something from this class!

9. Baseball starts Monday!





6 responses

31 03 2009
Mrs. Chili

Beanie probably DOES want to eat out. One of my goals for the new year was to cut back on the Chili family dining expenses, so we’ve been eating in a LOT more than we’re eating out (which is unusual). For Bean, this means not being able to have mac and cheese or chicken fingers as often as she’d like; I made her eat a chicken leg, sweet potato fries and corn tonight – GASP – so I’m sure that she’d love an opportunity to order off a kids’ menu.

I just wanna meet The Girl…

31 03 2009

Glad to hear things are well with The Girl.

As for baseball season . . .

31 03 2009

Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you, when does baseball start?

31 03 2009

yay!!! baseball!!!
yay!!! chocolate goodness!!!
yay!!! The Girl!!!
yay!!! bean!!!
enough exciting exclamation points for ya?

1 04 2009

I am totally with you on 9 and 10!!! We’ve been counting down in my house and are very excited. Last year, we only made it to one game, so we’re hoping to do better this year.

And I’m with Bean on the restaurant thing. I love going out to eat!

4 04 2009
Laurie B

I “read” the last SI in about 10 minutes because I really don’t pay attention to baseball. The Local U softball team could beat the Sox in seven innings anytime. I’ll watch the local U Softball team every time.

BEW watches Red Sox sometimes but never really took it up again after the strike all those years ago. Just sat in her craw. They wanted more money to scratch their balls and pretend to be an athlete? NO, thank you.

However we each enjoy springtime, I’m glad we get to do it.

I’m thrilled that you have your own place and The Girl to hang out with. Enjoy.

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