12 03 2009

 I am sure Kizz knows about this, she’s cool like that. I have never heard of them before this morning when the video was sent to me an an email. I wanted to share it with you but it won’t let me embed.. Please go here!

 I have just added them to my “must see” list.  Amazing.




3 responses

12 03 2009

I don’t know them well but I do know of them. They’ve been around a long time. Pretty cool, huh?

12 03 2009
Mrs. Chili

I believe it’s true that one of my YNG teachers knows the couple who started this group. Want me to get in touch with her and find out more?

12 03 2009
Laurie B

I’ve known of them for a long time, just hadn’t realized that they did “short stories”. Can you imagine what a full show must be like? They just made my “have to see this” list. Thanks.

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