7 03 2009

 Every once in awhile Itunes releases a free song of the week (SOTW) that I love. This is the latest. I dare you  not to chair dance.

 Happy Saterday Peeps!




5 responses

7 03 2009

Hmmmm. That’s just annoying.

That’s just an opinion, of course, many people less intellectually gifted than I might find it to be music! And I respect their opinions.

7 03 2009
Laurie B

uhhmm..thanks, sort of, thanks for sharing and trying to help us “get it”.

“She shot me”..well, I thank her for that at least. The only chair dancing was me fidgeting trying to listen all the way through. No wonder it’s free. Again, just my opinion of course. Many people more intellectually gifted than I might find it to be music. Thanks, TBD for the option of a slight misquote.

It just made we want to go over and turn the sound down, and I’m probably about the same age as Mr. TBD. I remember watching the Lawrence Welk show with my Grandma, (ok, I was seven at the time) but I don’t live in that time zone either. There have been some fine singer/songwriters since then.

Ask and I’ll make a list, Mr. TBD would have me in spades, he knows his music. Mr. Bang Bang is not on my A-list but now I know what’s blasting on the stereo next to me at the stoplight.

I am old, and I like it. Keith Richards is about to record that, I’m sure.

8 03 2009
Laurie B

Oh, and for your clients attempting the GED exam? It’s Saturday. Don’t go foolish to look coolish.

8 03 2009

TBD, how is it that I am never offended when you insult me? I guess it is because I know that I earned a place in your heart(and the reverse is true) when we met last summer! Many less emotionally gifted people than I use insults as expressions of love. I can respect that.

I’ll try to find something more suitable for my “older” readers!

9 03 2009

Maybe because you know they aren’t really insults at all, but just me playing.

I could have just said I didn’t like that musical offering, but, while true, that would have been so un-me! As you doubtless have gathered over time, I do not consider music appreciation an intellectual response at all, but more visceral.

I was going to reward you with a counter-video, but couldn’t find the song I had in mind as a video. The song I had in mind was “Dressed In White” by Jonah Smith (I do not know that he authored the song).

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