2 03 2009


 In case anyone is wondering, and I am sure you are, the Chili’s are currently boarding their plane. Yes, I am stalking my family, what’s it to ya?

 The weather in their arrival city is 20 degrees with light snow. The moon is trying to make an appearance so my best guess is that the conditions will be clear when they arrive. 

 The expected tempature for tonight is 3.  Welcome home Chili’s!


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5 responses

2 03 2009

I was wondering about this. Thanks!

3 03 2009

The Chili’s are home safe and sound!

3 03 2009

Apparently, a mrschili sent me a text whilst I was asleep announcing safe arrival home.

We miss them already.

3 03 2009
Mrs. Chili

Thank you for stalking, really; I feel loved (and I think it’s a riot that you found out we were boarding before WE did – they must update the website just before they make the cattle call…)

6 03 2009
Organic Mama

I think it’s wonderful to have a benevolent stalker around – you sisters are lucky to have each other.

Am I being too nice?

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