Guess What I Am Doing Right Now

25 02 2009


 I am watching baseball! So far my guy Wake has given up 3 in the second, and the infield looks like a bunch of 6 year old T ball players, but so what, I AM WATCHING BASEBALL!


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4 responses

25 02 2009

Let’s pretend that they’re bumbling on purpose to fake out the competition for the regular season.

25 02 2009
Mrs. Chili

IMAGINE how much more fun you’d have had if you’d come HERE! (oh, and TBD says you don’t need an explicit invitation, just so you know…)

28 02 2009

Watching baseball and awake at the same time!!!!!!!!

Not a real possibility for me.

28 02 2009

And you didn’t need an explicit invitation.

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