Why I Like My Boss

13 02 2009

Why I Like My Boss

Originally uploaded by auntiechili

His feet are on his desk on the left, mine on the right. We both
have jeans on. Neither of us are supposed wear jeans.
I also like him because he says "fuck" a lot.




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13 02 2009

Let me know if he’s hiring! And I like your shoes. I’m always on the hunt for decent shoes.

13 02 2009
Laurie B

Nice shoes. Are they Clarks?
Nice to have a boss that understands the language, eh?

13 02 2009

Ladies, the shoes are Dr. Martins that I have had for almost ten years. I love them and I wear them all the time.

14 02 2009
Laurie B

I’m not usually a shoe queen, but I like my dogs to be happy. I’m going shopping for Doc Martins asap. Nice shoes.

Has the boss gotten over the ice storm use of cell phone? If not, one of those Doc Martins would deliver the message.

17 02 2009

In addition to saying “fuck” a lot, does he fuck a lot?

When it comes to shoes, I wear Crocs about 99.9% of the time. I have multiple pairs which probably cost less than one pair of the Ballys I used to wear. I have sworn never to wear uncomfortable shoes again.

I even have a pair of Crocs “Wellies.”

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