Department Of Redundancy Department

29 01 2009

I am starting to feel like the school Gods do not want me to go to school. Once again, they effed up my registration. Once again, they said I was not registered.

Hello Students,
I have recently been informed that a number of you have experienced issues with your course registration. If those of you who are experiencing this problem could identify yourselves so I can get an idea of how widespread this has become, I would appreciate it. I’m currently working with the Registrar’s Office to shed some light on why this problem has arisen, but for your convenience, I have attached a registration form for those of you who may need to re-register; you can either mail or fax it straight to me. Thank you for your patience!
Student Care Lady

Tell me, if you wouldn’t mind, how it would be convenient for me to register again!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you.

Hi Student Care Lady, I don’t think I am having problems with my registration. Site Coordinator Lady usually takes care of that. However, Professional Ethics does not appear on the my University web page. Does that mean I am not registered?
Thank you.

Professional Ethics is my next class. You know, the one I am already registered for!

There I go again.

This does mean that you are not currently registered for two of your newest courses. I have sent out new registration forms to everyone to be filled out while this is sorted. We apologize for the inconvenience!

So I called the registrar’s office and spoke to the same man I spoke to the last time this happened. I told him that I had a copy of my registration for the spring and if he would like, I could scan it and email it to him right away. He told me that would be fine. Then I told him he would be hearing from me the week after I submit my registration so I am sure that I really am registered.

Because, you know, I register when I am supposed to but I am going to REALLY register for real the next time. The first time is just for fun. A rough draft, if you will.




2 responses

29 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

Oy. Sorry, Honey. Just keep swimming…

31 01 2009
Laurie B

HI Auntie,

I agree totally. I work at our local U and understand what you’ve run into. Redundancy=job security. It takes 5 people to do the work of one person.

I’m looking forward to a time when Americans actually produce something better than email and forms.

I hope that your latest version got through ok.

I’m proud for you that you are making your way through all of it and are aiming for a degree. That’s good stuff.

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