I Should Be Writing A Paper

25 01 2009

 But instead I am writing a blog post. The whole thing started when I decided to call Chili and thank her again for the printer she gave me as a Christmas gift. I told her that it is really nice that I can do my research on my laptop in the living room, find something relevant, hit the print button, and never have to get up from the comfortable living room chair. If only I had someone to retrieve the paper from the printer. Yet another good reason to have kids!

 Anyway, when I was done talking to Chili, the phone got passed to Punkin. It seems there is a lot going on at the Chili household today. While Mr. Chili was removing the ice dam from the roof, the Chili children were building a snow fort in the snowbank created by the man who plowed while they were away. I could not help but to bring up some safety issues with snow forts. My young niece listened patiently while I lectured her.

 After that, the conversation turned to fairies. It seems that there are lots of them in the neighborhood. Wait, let me clarify! These kind of fairies;


 NOT these kind of fairies;


Most fairies are found in gardens whereas some are indigenous to the streets of P-town.

So, my question to Punkin was where do the fairies go in the winter? Florida?

“No, they go to the Bahamas.”

 Of course they do! How silly of me!

 Somehow we then started talking about a movie they watched yesterday called Igor. She told me all about this movie. She went on and on and on and on  about this movie. I am troubled by the fact that there is a suicidal rabbit in the movie.

“Wait a minuet! Is this a kids movie?”

“Yes, but don’t worry, the rabbit can’t die.”

Oh. Well that makes me feel better.

 Next the phone gets passed to Beaner.


“Hey Bean! Whatcha doin’?”

“Oh hi Auntie! I’m reading Real Simple magazine.”


“How old are you?”

“Um? Nine?”

“Ok, just checking. What are you reading about?”

“I am reading a feature called ‘Road Test’.”

“Road Test? What are they testing?”

“Swim suits, hummus, self-tanners, and make-up mirrors.”

 It may not be very funny to you, but for me, hearing my nine year old niece tell me she was reading about swim suits, hummus, self-tanners, and make-up mirrors was fucking hysterical.  I tried to talk but I couldn’t stop laughing. Tears were streaming down my face. When I finally pulled myself together I asked her what else she had read.

“Advice your doctor won’t give you.” 

“Really! Like what?”

“To much lemon is bad for your teeth. It eats at the enamel.”

 Good to know. Isn’t my family great!


Photo Credit: Garden fairies, Real Simple




15 responses

25 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

We ARE great, aren’t we?

I was lying next to Punkin’ while she told you the story about the fairies (and the movie). I had no idea that fairies migrate to the Bahamas in the winter. Bitches don’t even send postcards…

26 01 2009
Organic Mama

I would have been on the floor, laughing, too. Those are some fabulously funny and crazy fabulous people.

16 06 2009

i know:) 😉 “)

26 01 2009
Laurie B

My niece was like that too and what seems like ten minutes later, she’s 26 and has a baby of her own. Time flies, but I do remember her being that funny back then.

15 05 2009


15 05 2009


byezzz love yall

25 07 2009

wow cool

4 11 2009
bobobobobobobo faiey toe+++

i do believe in fairies

8 04 2010

I do believe in fairies too and forever do

23 02 2010


8 04 2010

ineed info

9 04 2010

I have met a fairy, called ”lucky” and wearing a light blue suit, has red short hair and loves to play with children. She’s young and lovely and organizes events for weddings and children’s parties. She tells stories about the forest she lives in with her friends and makes swords with colorful balloons. I must say yes you are a pretty crazy-in a good way-family. Good for you, maybe that’s why fairies visit you.

15 04 2010

please tell me how u meet her!

15 04 2010

please tell me how u meet her!
i’ve never even seen a fairy!

15 04 2010

i love fairies! 🙂

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