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23 01 2009

Below is a photo of a cell phone tower that a welder accidentally caught fire. It burned,


 it fell to the ground.

 Can you hear me now?

 Lame, I know. I couldn’t help myself. I’m working on it though. 

 The Room-Mate has a tough couple of weeks. She has had a wicked cold and today she called me to tell me she had pink eye. Dude, that sucks. She wanted me to know that she was disinfecting the house.

 Thanks man.

 I told her to let me know if she was going to work or not because if she wasn’t, I would stop at the market and get dinner. She said she would call but never did. When I got home, I found this note;


 Funny, because I just noticed how it was written. I read it as “Sorry I didn’t call, dropped my phone in the toilet. Hoping it will dry out. Went to work.” I AM SURE this is how she meant to write it and I AM NOT posting it to bring attention to her lack of writing skills. She has mad writing skills. Readers, I posted it because my poor R.M. can’t seem to catch a fucking break lately. Send some good energy her way, will you?

 Now THIS I am posting to point out bad grammar. Why? Because mine leaves a lot to be desired too so when I find something that is incorrect it makes me feel wicked smaht! I is a college kid after all!


 I should have called Peter because I was not satisfies with my food. 


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3 responses

23 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

Seriously? She dropped her phone in the TOILET?! Damn.

Hey – tell me how you play with pictures like that! I have a bunch of bad grammar pictures I want to post, but they have identifying features that I’d like to obscure. If I email them to you, will you doctor ’em and send ’em back?

Your grammar is getting better and better. Really; it’s all just practice…

Love you X2!!

23 01 2009

Thanks Chili! It’s getting better thanks to you’re (just kidding! your) help.

Send the pics. I’ll take care of ’em for ya.

24 01 2009

That’s the second toilet phone incident I’ve heard this month! Someone dropped an iPhone in the toilet at my birthday party. SUCKS. I’m so about that for RM.

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