Car Poop

19 01 2009

 Mrs. G,  in a comment from last week said;

“I am unfamiliar with car poop? WTF?”



 Car poop is the snow that accumulates in ones wheel well while driving. I just had a little bit because I didn’t go very far, but it can, and does build up so much that it actually touches the tire. 

 I don’t let it build up, I kick it off…


.. leaving four piles of poop wherever I may be parked.  If one doesn’t kick off the car poop, it can freeze up so much that it is nearly impossible to get off. 

 The car poop lesson is now over.




7 responses

19 01 2009

Yes, I’ve just about broken my toe kicking at car poop that I didn’t realize was frozen solid.

19 01 2009
another sue

I know about this car poop of which you speak. But I am nonetheless feeling quite honored to be able to read your eloquent descriptions with accompanying photos. I just love the internet!

19 01 2009
Heather G.

Thank you for the tutorial. I guess we don’t get enough snow in WA to deal with car poop.

19 01 2009

You know, if it were your dog, you’d have to clean it up.

20 01 2009
Organic Mama

My favorite is when the massive car turd fall off some dude’s truck right in front of where you’re driving and then you have to play dodge the turd.

This kind of snowy slushy weather is perfect for car poop formation, eh?

21 01 2009

When you let the poop get too frozen to be able to kick it off, I guess you could say your car is constipated.

22 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

BWAHAHAHAHA!! “Dodge the turd!” Yep!

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