Happy Birthday Times Two

15 01 2009

 Two rocking women, both of whom I love very much, are celebrating their birthdays today!

 My sister, Chili, turns forty today!! I think forty is going to look really great on her. I think my sis is really finding her groove. Not to say that she has been out of whack all these years, she hasn’t. I just think this is going to be a great time in her life. I have noticed that she is more comfortable speaking her mind lately. Some may have been because she had a bit of help in the form of liquid courage, some came on it’s own. For example, we were talking on the phone the other night;

“I haven’t been happy with my blog lately. I’m not sure what’s up with it, I just haven’t like the way I have written lately.” I said.

“I know what you mean. You haven’t been.. I don’t know.. Funny. You have not been as funny as I expected you to be.”

 Because she is correct, I just agreed with her but in my head I wanted to tell her to go outside and play hide and go fuck herself.* At the same time though, I thought that it was good that she could be so honest with me. I have a deep respect for people who can tell it like it is. I dislike having to try and guess where I stand with people.

 So, my dear sister doesn’t think my blog is funny. Fine.  Hey Chili! I am not a freaking comedian! You want funny, go see a comedy show or something! Way to put the pressure on me you big fucking bully! Just so you know, because of that comment, I took your present back. If the weather holds, I’ll be over tonight. Bake your own damn birthday cake. The double chocolate one and have it ready by the time I get there. Maybe then I will think about getting you a present. 

 Just kidding. I never got you a present.

 Go on over to Chili’s place and wish her a happy day!

 SLM1 is celebrating her birthday today too! She is WAY nicer than my sister! For example, a couple of weeks ago she called me to tell me she bought me a pair of jeans. Do you know why she bought me a pair of jeans? Because she saw them and she thought I would like them!! See how she is? She rocks. 

 Like my sister, SLM1 also tells it like it is. She never fails to put me in my place, in a nice, empowering sort of way, which is a trait that I really appreciate. I feel like, especially over this past year, her and I have grown closer. For that I am very grateful. 


 Happy Birthday my friend! I am looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday! SLM1 doesn’t have a blog so feel free to leave your bithday wishes here.


*For the record I would like to say that I think my sister is awesome and I lover her very much. She is very, very good to me and is always loving and supportive of me. I would not trade my sister for anything in the world, I am just giving her a hard time because as of today, she is old. I love you Chili!!


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8 responses

15 01 2009

Capricorns Unite!!!!!!!!

15 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

See?! Now, THAT’S funny! I laughed out loud!

The cake will be ready when you get here.


15 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

Oh, and happy birthday, SLM1. It’s nice to know that SOMEONE is nice to my sister…

15 01 2009
Forty « The Blue Door

[…] sister wrote, in a birthday-love post on her blog, that she thinks I’m really hitting my stride.  I think she’s right.  Forty is going […]

15 01 2009
Organic Mama

Not only are you funny, you’re snarky too, which I totally dig.
I just sang in her ear and now I am going to take her out to lunch and spoil her, because, as you know, she rocks. A lot.

16 01 2009

Happy Birthday, Chili!! 40 is fabulous…my best year yet by far!!! So, I’m sure you have a lot to look forward to.
And I’m looking forward to tomorrow night with you, Auntie, and the SLM’s…we can all be lovingly snarky together. And wear the jeans.

17 01 2009

Funny?! You want funny!? Just watch the video or read the transcript of Mr. Bush’s farewell. A gut splitter.

Really, you are blogging fine, by me.

18 01 2009

Thanks for the b-day wishes! Sorry I read them late. I was a little caught up in other things (guilt over cracking up my wife’s car…) I would say that we definitely have grown closer over the last year and it’s a direct result of the blog you left for my last birthday! I never knew you felt such a strong kinship with me until I read it. I know, we both can have a hard time expressing our feelings in person and yada yada… So anyway, thanks for being such a great friend!

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