More Snow

11 01 2009


 School was canceled today due to the snow storm. The teacher actually called it yesterday after much complaining from my class mates. They had a good point. Two of us have an hour long drive and one has a two hour drive.  On top of that, there is a parking ban in the city and the schools lot will be full of the locals cars. 

 I just finished shoveling. Thank you mother nature for keeping the temperature in the 20’s and therefore the snow nice and light. Last week I hurt my back. It was so bad on Wednesday that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get out of bed. I did though and managed to make it through my work day. It got progressively better each day until today. The shoveling aggravated it. It’s not to bad but I am going to rest for the remainder of the day.

 In other news, Rock Star proposed to MST last night!!! MST said YES! Congratulations kids! Maybe one of you can call me and tell me all about it? I introduced the happy couple to each other so if they decide to have children, I think they should name one after me. Just saying.


 Chili talked about this yesterday. Not to minimize my pain in my back , which sucks,but it doesn’t suck as much as this;


 This is the scene of a 59 car pile up that happened this morning.  Go here for the photo credit and story. Like I said the other day, slow the fuck down and maintain a safe distance!!



Photo credit




5 responses

11 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

And that picture is why I DIDN’T go to work this morning. I love my yoga class, but not enough to risk my neck.

Please DO rest. Back pain can fuck you up for a STUPID long time….

11 01 2009
Mrs. Chili

Hi,Auntie! It’s Beanie. That picture is so cool! Where did you get it? I like it.

We’re cool.

11 01 2009

Hi Beaner! It’s Auntie! Click on “photo credit” at the bottom of the post or go to and look around for it. Or you can google “snow day” on the image page.

You are cool! I love you!

Ps. I am drinking my coffee from the cup you made for me!!

11 01 2009

Um, Chili? Does Bean read my blog on a regular biases? Should I clean up my act?

12 01 2009
Organic Mama

Take care of your back, Auntie! Seriously, remember your sister last January?

On a snow-related note, why , WHY do people go out and drive like idiots in the snow? I stayed the fuck home yesterday (sorry, Beanie) and wouldn’t let ANYONE go anywhere. SO. NOT. Worth it. But at least it was light and fluffy…

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