Holiday Cheer

24 12 2008

 Chili has a habit of calling me when I am on my way to her house to ask me to pick up something she forgot to buy. Usually it’s not a problem but on Christmas morning the pickings are slim. Usually I have to stop at the store 24. I don’t like the store 24. It smells bad.  Anyway, I told her I was going out and asked her if she needed anything in an effort to avoid the early morning phone call.

“Yeah. Ice. Grab a bag of ice.”


“And Crown! I don’t have any! Bring some of that too!”

“Are you gonna drink Crown with me?”

“Oh yeah! I’m gonna get a bit silly tomorrow!”

 Right on Mama!

 Happy Christmas Eve!





3 responses

24 12 2008

k, but Auntie Bitch, can I have the blue bag??? I love those bags.

Happy Christmas and a Merry Everything

love, Bitchy O’Mama

24 12 2008
Mrs. Chili

I haven’t yet decided HOW I’m going to get silly tomorrow. It may be Crown, it may be Midori, it may be Bailey’s. I’ll decide when I get there…

25 12 2008

How silly is it gonna get?

Have a Happy.

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